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9+ Sales Flyers

Thinking of ways on advertising your company can be difficult, but there are many different ways you can achieve exposure and recognition. There are the usual choices such as commercials or billboards, but if your current situation demands a low-cost alternative, then flyers are just the thing you need. Flyers are used by marketers to advertise companies due to their low production cost and are also easy to make.

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Here, we have collected different sales flyers for you to choose from, each of which are meant for a specific type of sales. To check out more flyer samples, we have more flyer templates available on our website.

Car for Sales Flyer

Product Sales Flyer

Business Sales Flyer

Sales Promotion Flyer


Winter Sales Flyer

What Are Flyers?

In simple terms, flyers are advertisements printed on paper. They are usually given through handouts and distributed in multiple methods. You can receive them through door-to-door mail, handouts given during events, or even see them posted on bulletin boards and most surfaces.

Since flyers can reach out to a large amount of people and can help promote with exposure, here is a list of the different uses for flyers:

  • Business promotion. Flyers are great in promoting products and services of the said company or business. Flyers allow people to recognize and notice the products shown.
  • Event advertisement. Effective creating exposure and informing people about upcoming events such as music concerts, nightclub events, festivals, and even political rallies.
  • Part of the election process. Persuading the public to vote and choose a certain politician or political party during elections.
  • Other events and conventions. Fact and info sheets handed out during events such as trade shows, conventions, and conferences.
  • General local advertisement. You can commonly seen these kinds of flyers displaying certain local television programs, for example.

Who Benefits from Using Flyers?

Due to its easy-to-produce qualities and low production cost, using flyers have always been a choice for businesses around the world. For the general public, flyers are commonly given when upcoming events are announced or when certain people are exposed, such as politicians during electoral season.

Those who are using and gaining benefits from flyers are the following:

  • Companies
  • Organizations
  • Establishments
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Governments

For product-related flyers, we also offer more product flyers here on our

Garage Sales Flyer

Real Estate Sales Flyer Template

Fashion Sales Flyer

Modern Big Sale Flyer


Black Friday Sales Flyer

Different Kinds of Flyers to Choose From

  • Cars for Sales Flyer. Great for people who are looking for car deals and loans.
  • Product Sales Flyer. Recommended for promoting product sales.
  • Business Sales Flyer. Your generic, run-of-the-mill flyer good for any legitimate business.
  • Sales Promotion Flyer. If flyers aren’t enough, you could choose this selection to effectively promote your goods and services.
  • Winter Sales Flyer. Perfect for letting people purchase gifts for the holidays in the season of family and giving.
  • Garage Sales Flyer. Those who are looking to make a quick buck out of selling their old stuff at their own garage.
  • Real Estate Sales Flyer Template. This flyer is great for displaying the different kinds of real estates that are available.
  • Fashion Sales Flyer. This flyer is perfect for big shopping blowouts such as “buy 1, take 1” sales promos in a fashion store.
  • Black Friday Sales Flyer. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales of the year—capitalize on this yearly event and advertise what your retail store offers.

For flyers used in marketing, we also have marketing flyers you can find on our website here on

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118+ FREE & Premium Sales Flyer - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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