9+ Sample Bake Sale Flyers

Bake sales are a fun way of raising money for a good cause. Whether you are working with your school group, a club, or some other nonprofit organization, bake sales are a fun activity to do in the community.

If you are planning to have a bake sale, you want to publicize your goodies effectively and tastefully. With our wide range of sales flyer templates, you can be sure to find one that fits your theme and occasion and catch your customers’ eye with bright, beautiful colors; fun images; and easy-to-read fonts. The images come in high resolution, so your customers will have a visual taste of what you are selling and come flocking to your stall.

Holiday Bake Sale Flyer

Holiday Bake Sale FlyerDownload

Bake Sale Fundraiser Flyer

Bake Sale Fundraiser Flyer


Free Printable Bake Sale Flyer

Free Printable Bake Sale FlyerDownload

Unique Bake Sale Flyer

Unique Bake Sale FlyerDownload

Black and White Bake Sale Flyer

Black and White Bake Sale FlyerDownload

What Makes a Good Bake Sale Flyer

Our available bake sale flyer templates are all downloadable, printable, and with text that can be edited to suit you needs! Here are some of its ideal features:

  • A soft-colored background. This will bring out the letters and the pictures. It’s best not to use colors that are too bright as they sometimes tend to drown the main text.
  • Big fonts, bright and bold colors. You want your customers to be able to read your bakery flyer from a distance. The available templates we have all use a combination of eye-catching colors such as reds, pinks, yellows (against a darker background or outline).
  • Clear, complete, and concise. The text on our bake sale templates only highlight important details of your activity, such as the date, the venue, and the cause. They are positioned in the ideal locations and sized in clear and readable font. They are completely editable!
  • High-resolution images. If you wish to include a picture of your goodies, we have flyer samples that position these pictures in strategic places so that your goodies are one of the first things that you customers will see.


For the Love of Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, so if you’re planning to invest in a pizza parlor or a pizza stall, you’ll need fun and striking pizza flyers to pique the interest and whet the appetite of your customer. Our catalog offers some fun pizza flyers that you can use to advertise your restaurant. They come in rich and striking colors with text that can be modified to your liking. The images are in high-res, so you don’t have to worry about pixelated pizza.

You can download them for free and print them to use on a stand beside your restaurant or as flyers to hand out to potential customers.

Vintage Bake Sale Flyer

Vintage Bake Sale FlyerDownload

Bake Sale Flyer for School

Bake Sale Flyer for SchoolDownload

Church Bake Sale Flyer Template

Church Bake Sale Flyer TemplateDownload

Fall Bake Sale Flyer

Fall Bake Sale FlyerDownload

Funny Bake Sale Flyer Template

Funny Bake Sale Flyer TemplateDownload

What to Put on Your Catering Flyer

Running a catering business is quite a challenge, but with these catering flyers templates that you can use for advertisement, that’s one hurdle off your list. These catering flyer designs are simple, elegant, and straightforward. You can personalize them to suit the important details of your business like

  • the name of your catering business;
  • slogan (if you have one);
  • products and services you are offering;
  • a special promotion or offer;
  • a brief hook; and
  • contact number, e-mail, social media accounts.

What Designs You Should Use on Your Flyer

This usually depends on the nature of your catering business or the nature of the occasion you are catering for. We have catering flyer templates with high-resolution images and designs that capture the class and quality of your catering business.

  • Use templates with reds and yellows for fast-food setups.
  • Use templates with neutral, earthy tones for when you’re catering for an intimate gathering.
  • Use templates with gold, silver, with lacy, glittery details for formal events such as weddings and anniversaries.
  • Use templates with pastel colors for when you wish to advertise to cater for baby showers, baptisms, or kids’ birthday parties.

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