9+ Summer Event Flyers

During the summer season, school age children and adolescents love this season because of the absence of classes. For three months, they can enjoy a break from all the homework and studying. Others enjoy it because it is the perfect season to go to the beach. A lot of party events take place during the summer season.

To promote these summer events, we are providing you with our collection of summer-themed flyer templates. Flyers are sheets of matte or glossy paper used to advertise a certain event or activity to the public. They usually contain information on the event, such as the name of the event, the theme, the date and time, the venue, and the organizer’s contact details.

Read on to learn more about flyers and our flyer templates.

 Summer Party Event Flyer



Summer BBQ Event Flyer



Free PSD Summer Event Flyer



Summer Holidays Event Flyer



Summer Week Event Flyer



Do’s and Don’ts of making flyers

  • DON’T try to say too much. If you do, then the reader will easily get tired of reading the flyer which will most likely end up in the trash bin.
  • DON’T forget the important details, such as the real purpose of the flyer, and the contact details.
  • DON’T use low-quality paper. The type of paper used may seem like a small factor, but it goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make sure the quality of the paper is good enough to impress the reader.
  • DON’T use too much fonts. The recommended maximum number of fonts to be used on a flyer should only be two.
  • DON’T rely on cliches. Be unique and don’t be afraid to make your own catchy tagline.
  • DO keep it simple. Try the three-second test on it. It should only take you three seconds to know the name of the company, the message conveyed by the flyer, and the necessary action to be done after reading the flyer.
  • DO think about your target clients. These flyers may be for your profit or benefit, but these are given to the general public to get their attention and to draw them to our event. Put yourself in their shoes and ask, “Why would I want to go to their event?”
  • DO use your creativity. Make your flyer stand out with both the design itself and the message it holds.
  • DO address the reader in the second person perspective as if you are directly talking to them.
  • DO use templates that are available on the Internet.

If you are hosting an event and are looking for templates for general events, then check out our collection of event flyer templates here on our website.

Summer Event Flyer and Poster



Summer Music Event Flyer



Summer Beach Event Flyer



Summer Drinks Event Party Flyer



Summer Festival Event Flyer



What are you waiting for? Download any of our flyer templates for your summer event. These templates have been carefully selected from among the best all around the Internet and have been designed by skillful and experienced graphic artists.

Our flyers can be accessed and downloaded easily. While most of our templates are free, the ones that do require some basic licensing fees are actually the product of extensive market research, which only means you get quality designs. You can choose to save it in either PSD, EPS, or vector AI formats, depending on which one suits you best. These templates are also fully editable and are compatible with most image-editing software. Save yourself the hassle and start making your own flyers using our templates.

If you are looking for more templates on the summer season, then also check out our other collection of summer flyer templates here on our website. However, if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on this page, scroll down to the bottom and check out the links to other related contents found all around our website.

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