9+ Theater Flyer Templates

A theater flyer or a theater poster is a marketing tool that is used by companies and producers to promote a theater play or production. It shows important details of a production and show a glimpse of the overall theater aesthetic. A theater flyer may vary in design depending on the type or kind of theater play it represents. It may also vary on sizes and shapes that usually depend on its purpose or where it is going to be posted.

Theater flyers help a lot in spreading information regarding the theater play and the entire production. It also helps in the decision process whether a prospective viewer will see the play or not. Hence, a theater flyer must undergo a creative process before it is even posted or used.

You may take a look at our website’s selection of downloadable elegant flyer samples if you’re looking for more specific ones other than theater flyers.

Vintage Theater Flyer



Theater Workshop Flyer



Theater Play Flyer Template



Omni Theater Flyer



Drama Theater Flyer



Theater versus Film

A theater poster is different in terms of structure compared to a movie poster. Here are a few of their differences:

  • A theater poster focuses more on the theme of the play rather than the actors who will top bill the production. Posters used for theater production usually needs to interpret the emotion that is expected to be felt by the people who are to watch the play.
  • A theater poster can be of various kinds and does not follow any format. You can see more creativity on theater poster, though it may still vary depending on certain circumstances.
  • Most of the time, theater posters include all the show dates and the time that the audience may go to view the production. In a typical movie poster, only the first date of showing is seen in the information.

Just like any other things, theater posters have evolved through time. Before, it only consisted of illustrations and other texts than can give information to people. Nowadays, they already adapt to different marketing and technological strategies for the theater play to generate more sales. Theater posters now have photographs and other creative streaks to attract more people in looking at it so that they’ll know more about the production.

Aside from theater flyers, we also have downloadable Grand Opening Flyer and Artist Flyer samples.

Musical Theater Flyer



Dance Theater Flyer



Movie Theater Flyer Template



Summer Theater Flyer Design



Theater Flyer Template in PSD



Elements of an Effective Theater Poster

A few of the things that you need to take a look on in a theater flyer we discovered are as follows:

  • The background. Since it is a theatrical performance, backgrounds of the theater play usually has something to do with the entire production. It also helps you to identify the mood of the play or the setting that the play will use for the performance.
  • The overall design. Theater plays are known to create designs that have meanings on them. Can you identify them as you look at the poster flyer? Try to be more keen when you look at one the next time.
  • Items and icon used. A lot of the items that are in the theater flyer is usually used in the main production.
  • Name of the production house presenting the play.
  • The title of the play.
  • The casts.
  • The dates where the theater play will be open for public viewing.
  • The time slots of the theater play.
  • Admission fee per person.
  • The location of the theater performance.
  • Contact details of the organizers.
  • The website or online page of the theater play that you may visit.

Aside from theater flyers, we also have a collection of Event Flyer samples for all kinds of events.

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