9+ Tournament Flyers

Are you a sports enthusiast? Ever want to start a sports tournament on your own? If your answer is a yes to these questions, then you are on the right page. Organizing your own tournament is an exciting task. If you are an sports fan, making your own tournament seems like a dream come true.

As exciting as it sounds, starting tournament won’t be a breeze. You need to brainstorm creative ways that can engage players and market the entire event. To get ideas, you may check out our sports flyers and other promotional templates. Our webpage has a diversified set of sports flyer templates, so you would have plenty of options to choose from.

Golf Tournament Flyer



Baseball Tournament Flyer



Dodge Ball Tournament Flyer

Dodge Ball Tournament Flyer


Football Tournament Flyer

Football Tournament Flyer


Basket Ball Tournament Flyer

Basket Ball Tournament Flyer


How to Organize a Sports Tournament

You need to deal with a number of factors to ensure a successful tournament. To give you a guide on how to run on your own, browse on the advice we offer you below:

  • Identify the sports and how a game is played.
  • Know who your players are.
  • Develop a budget for this event.
  • Create an overall structure and specific instructions of your tournament.
  • Find guests, sponsors, and staff to help you out.
  • Generate promotional materials such as posters, flyers, and online posts. For example, if you are organizing a soccer tournament, generate soccer flyers.
  • Get all the materials you need and set up the venue.
  • Finalize details and preparations days before the tournament.
  • Welcome players and guests with enthusiasm on the tournament day.
  • Make documentations and ask for feedback for future improvements.

Before doing any of those mentioned above, always have a goal in mind. This ought to be the reason why you are having tournaments in the first place. And by the end of the event, you should have accomplished that goal. Most tournament organizers aim in maximizing revenues and sports awareness, while others just want players to have healthy competition and to have fun.

Poker Tournament Flyer

Poker Tournament Flyer


Soccer Tournament Flyer

Soccer Tournament Flyer


Beer Pong Tournament Flyer



Vintage Bowling Tournament Flyer

Vintage Bowling Tournament Flyer


Hockey Tournament Flyer



Making It Unforgetttable

There may be instances when tournaments don’t happen to be what players expect. There could be glitches, mishaps, or, worse, prolonged dullness. Tournaments need to be fun and exciting. And to make them totally unforgettable, try some of these tips:

  • Start and end with bang. Begin with something interesting like distributing attractive football flyers or making creative banners. The end of your tournament should also be equally interesting. You can have poppers, confetti, or fireworks.
  • Have great food. Players and guests will enjoy more and do better if delectable treats are served.
  • Establish a light and authentic atmosphere. Nothing creates a good tournament other than an atmosphere that motivates and builds up a player.
  • Give out awesome freebies. Upon entering the location, you can give away cool jackets and shirts to participants. This souvenir gives them bragging rights, and it also markets your tournaments.

Get Marketing Flyers right away

To help you effectively advertise your tournament, our website offers tournament flyers for different sports. These include

  • golf,
  • baseball,
  • dodgeball,
  • football,
  • soccer,
  • poker, and
  • even beer pong.

Each template is already in PSD, EPS, or AI file format so downloading and editing them will be pretty easy. Just make sure to include all the necessary details in your flyers as well.

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