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9+ Best Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif typefaces are popular font styles that are used everywhere for their clean, modern look. They’re different from what are called “serif fonts” because they don’t have those little lines projecting from the ends and bases of the letters (i.e., the serifs). This is why we include the French word sans (meaning “without”).

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The sans serif style is uber popular and versatile, used on everything from business cards and brand logos to comic books and most of the text in website design. (Facebook favors the popular sans serif fonts Helvetica, Arial, and Lucida Grande.)

If you like the look but hate the conformity, you will love this collection of some of the best alternative sans serif fonts out there you can download for free.


Modern Sans Serif Font


Thin Sans Serif Font

Vintage Sans Serif Font


Sans Serif Web Font

Comic Sans Serif Font

How to Make the Most out of Sans Serif Fonts

If you’ve ever had to draft a report for your company or type up an assignment for school, most institutions will recommend you use a “clean” font like Arial or Verdana (or at least the cleanest of the serif fonts like Times New Roman).

This is because sans serif is easy on the eye. Most of the Internet interfaces use different sans serif fonts—it helps you skim quickly over a lot of text without getting eye fatigue.

If they are mainly good for their useful features, can they be artistic as well?

They’re already everywhere, and yet you can use them to stand out, if you choose the right style. Just a few of your great options:

  • The Aquatico Modern Sans Serif Font is simple but oh-so-stylish. Slap this on anything and look as pro as a modern brand. Want a different flair? Try the Vintage Sans Serif Font or the Gothique one.
  • The Burne Thin Sans Serif Font offers a cute and efficient look that will work well for, say, fashion or personal blogs. Although clothing brands would also vote for the BERLIN Sans Serif Web Font hands down.
  • Remember when people used Comic Sans? Don’t ever do that if you don’t want to be laughed off immediately. Even comic book artists cringe at that font. The I Hate Comic Sans Serif Font is a much better alternative.
  • Printing a T-shirt? Consider the Sans Serif Bold Font or the Rounded Font for a cool look.
  • And yes, sans serif can be cursive too.

The sans serif fonts in this collection were picked for their unique, artistic personalities and expert design, so you don’t have to use what everyone else is using.

Cursive Sans Serif Font

Sans Serif Bold Font

Sans Serif Gothic Font

Sans Serif Rounded Font

Sans Serif Script Font


Whether you have specific stylistic purposes for these fonts, or you just want to know your options, these top sans serif fonts will lend a personalized yet functional look to your projects. Don’t settle for just any of the boring standard web fonts, but don’t sacrifice on quality and functionality either.

Best of both worlds, available to download now for free, or licensed for a small royalty (this means you could experience the font style’s full features).

Don’t forget to check’s archives for even more stunning, stylish, and versatile typefaces for your projects.

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