Most Beautiful Fonts Released in September 2015

September has seen some of the best fonts released by the designer fanatics this year. This month is anyways the last quarter of the year and designers seem to have saved their best efforts to set the mood in a celebration tone. The uniqueness of presentation and the typeface styles which reminded of weird ways of hand-writing have got the attention of designers and they have been able to bring back the charisma of historic fonts to the present scenario of web design. Here are some of the prettiest fonts which guarantee beautiful as well as professional look of the webpage.

fonts released in september 20

Bellico Typeface

bellico typeface

Very stylish yet artistic typeface, fit for making headlines and emotional content as well. This font is available free of cost and is quite enriched in terms of availability of open face alternatives. Stylish underlines and cursive flow make this font appealing choice for writing quote banners etc.

LL Circular

ll circular font

A cool font with very professional look having serious overtone. Sans – serif text seems to be the base of this font. Whenever a no-nonsense appeal is required, this font would do the trick. Characters are impactful with universal acceptance.

Soda Fountain

soda fountain

This font is inspired straight from Soda Parlors of 50s. It is all capital typeface having vintage appeal. It belongs to sans-serif typeface family. It provides lots of variations such as regular oblique/outline, oblique/inline, Oblique/thin; to name a few.



Inspired from vintage theme, this mono-line typeface is cute combination of hand-lettering and classic typography style. Available for free, this font has 370 glyphs and provides facility to create uppercase, lowercase, numerals & punctuations and multilingual characters which are called accents.



Cursive, slanted and condensed characters make this font ‘luxurious’ enough to look at. The font was designed keeping weddings and rituals in mind, and it definitely conveys emotions and sanctity of the event quite maturely. Frames and panels are additionally available in this font style to create a message with everlasting recall factor.



The font belongs to industrial Sans Serif style. Lower case letters slanted slightly can create an optical illusion and supports the slightest use on the layout. This family has offered 20 styles and varying thickness of characters ranging from hairline to the boldest black along with semi-rounded corners makes it a complete package suitable for various formal settings.

Beloved Script

beloved script

As the name suggests, this font is beautiful enough to be used for writing emotional content with everlasting impact. Inspired by the strokes of 20th century, this google font features monocline strokes delivering handwriting feel with ballpoint effect. This script is truly handwriting inspired and has semi-connected way of delivering the characters. Cursive, with customized ends and slants, the semi-connected feel is distinct in characters like v and o. It has 800 swashes and other forms which make it appropriate for writing headlines.

The mood for the last quarter of the year is set beautifully. Enticing and emotional connectivity are the two factors which are focused on while creating memorable scripts like mentioned above. Whole idea is to make everlasting impression on the minds of the reader with giving due acknowledgement to what our ancestors have taught us in the name of ‘handwriting’.