Fonts of The Week (February 22nd – 28th)

Weekend is over. And now the dreaded first day of work is here. But not for artists who are working throughout the week. And these artists are constantly providing the digital world with the most amazing typefaces. Three weeks in February, and we are here again to provide you with our pick of the day when it comes to writing your content with the perfect font. Take a look at what is there new in the digital world of typefaces. You can also see this font of the week.

Monday : February 22nd (Mondeen Minifont)

Mondeen Minifont Download

It is a new week, and for Monday morning blues we have the best remedy in the form of Mondeen Minifont. This rough typeface is hand written and is first of the series to come. Giving the delicate feel of ink brush on paper, this all caps font gives a personal touch to whatever you use it on, be it a simple postcard, or your magazine headings. Want More Click Here.

Tuesday : February 23rd (Sacred Geometry Font)

Sacred Geometry Font

Artists might hate mathematics, but they deeply love the essence of geometry. And similarly infuse that in their design styles. Similar is the case with today’s font Sacred Geometry. This font makes use of sacred symbols in different geometric shapes to give you the design for creating amazing labels, titles, and branding.

Wednesday : February 24th (Little Cecily)

Little Cecily

Let your inner child out this Wednesday with easy to read letterforms of Little Cecily. Designed by artist Olga Umpeleva, this typeface is inspired by Russian calligraphy sample book. The letterforms of this font are characterized by simplified construction and upright design, distinguishing it from your typical scripts. The naïve charm and originality of this font cover the standard Western and Cyrillic code pages.

Thursday : February 25th (Scrawny Cat)

DK Scrawny Cat

If you want a design that is catty, i.e messy yet legible and still beautiful in a strange way, then make sure you are using David Kerkhoff’s Scrawny Cat typeface in your design. The font is all caps, but has different glyphs for upper and lower case characters, and makes use of ligatures to handle alternates and repetitions.

Friday : February 26th (Grafton Titling)

Grafton Titling Font

Fridays are all about making a dramatic impact. And do the same with Neil Patel’s typeface Grafton Titling. It contemporizes old style proportions, bracketed serifs and a left-leaning stress angle with striking contrast and modern angular joins. Available in two styles, the solid one gives you a timeless feel, while the flared through-line variation gives you a textual interest.

Saturday : February 27th (Fusione)

Fusione font

Weekend starts with informal interactions with our friends, and same goes for the designs for the day. Add the handwritten, informal, sketch-like typeface of Fusione to your posters, advertising and magazine work. This font will give you the ink of paper feel with a sharp nib, and also provides support for Central and Eastern European languages as well, apart from the usual Western European languages.

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