Wedding Fonts – 20+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Fonts are crucial when it comes to designing the invitation card for the wedding. The right kind of fonts adds to the weight of the letterpress wedding invitation through style and personality while reflecting the overall mood of the event. Henceforth, it is extremely important to pick the right type of Free Font for the wedding. There is plethora of options available, and hence, it could be at times tricky to pick the correct one. Here, we discuss about some of the interesting ways to pick the right kind of font that would match the style.

wedding font

> Opting for the Modernized Look

Those who strongly prefer modern stylization would always opt for clean and sleek lines. There is no need to opt for something too fancy or fussy. It is always important to focus on the simplicity. Use these modern chic fonts with right size to make them graphic and bold that would grab the attention strongly.

> Those who prefer the Vintage Look

Those who have a strong urge for vintage style, it would be better to look for Wedding Fonts with worldly and wise appeal. They needs to slightly quirky along with detailed character stylization that would easily convey the bygone era. In order to achieve that perfectly vintage appearance, it would always be nice to combine different fonts to create a certain kind of eclectic look that would last long enough. The elegant script fonts that are perfectly paired with those traditional Serif styles would definitely tend to create the best type of impact.

Classy Wedding DVD Covers

classy wedding dvd covers

iHeart it Wedding Font

iheart it wedding font

Calligraphic Design Elements

Bloom Wedding Font

bloom wedding font

Display Wedding Font

display wedding font

Chocolate Wedding Font

chocolate wedding font

Creative Wedding Font

creative wedding font

Pretty Wedding Font

pretty wedding font

Italic Wedding Font

italic wedding font

Funky Wedding Font

funky wedding font

Vintage Wedding Font

vintage wedding font

Typography Wedding Font

typography wedding font

Designed Wedding Font

designed wedding font

Retro Wedding Font

retro wedding font

Milky Wedding Font

milky wedding font

Branding Wedding Font

branding wedding font

Fancy Wedding Font

fancy wedding font

Decorative Wedding Font

decorative wedding font

Modern Wedding Font

modern wedding font

Brush Wedding Font

brush wedding font

Romantic Wedding Font

romantic wedding font

Featherly Wedding Font

featherly wedding font

> Formal look can also make a difference

Those who prefer formal look for the Wedding Invitation cards there are quite a few traditional and elegant fonts to abide by. One fine option is to use those Script Fonts that feature big swash capital stylization in the blend of calligraphy or something more prompt like formal Serifs with regal form and straight lines. Pairing them together would definitely create a certain kind of sophistication and charming impact to make the guests become amazed.

> Opting for something rather Unique

Those who opt for funky and funny trendsetting fonts without focusing on what others tend to say, going unique is the best policy. There can be swirling lines, swaying shapes, and quirky accents going your way. The shapes are quite whimsical but could steal the stage while they are paired with sleek and simple Wedding Coaster Designs elements to create uniqueness.

> Getting the Destination Look

If you are trying hard to create a sort of destination look, it is always better to look for fonts that would reflect your unique and exotic location. For Moroccan or Indian destinations, it is always perfect to opt for formal and flourished fonts. When it’s all about the casual beaches, you can opt for chic and simple san serifs.

> Font style options

There are absolutely no rules on which font to choose and what to omit. However, there are quite a few traditional choices that enjoy strong popularity. Blackletter and Script fonts are the ones that enjoy most of the popularity. These fonts may not be the perfect option for resumes or blogs, but they could just be the perfect bet to include for the Invitation cards.

> Choices of Fonts for the Wedding

When choosing the fonts for your wedding invitation purpose, the rules are rather simple; basically there are no rules at all. You are free to make the pick as per your tastes and likings. However, there are quite a few options that have been tried and tested more often than others and deemed to be successful. There are certain fonts available that would finely convey that specific feel and look to the invitation.

> Going the Formal Way

If you are looking for something formal, it is better to opt for the elegant script fonts. These fonts usually mimic the cursive handwriting, but they are definitely more refined that actual handwriting of actual writers these days. If you are looking for Handwriting styles, choosing Black Letter font can be a nice option. Some of the other options include Spencerian Scripts like Palace Script, Exmouth, and Edwardian Script that looks quite traditional and elegant. There are some specific styles for Black Letter fonts that might look too gothic or dark for the wedding celebration. When such is the case, it would be better to opt for softer style rotunda like Cresci rotunda or typographer rotunda. Again, there are also those Carolingian Fonts which may just be perfect for formal Irish Wedding. There are also Calligraphy fonts like Bispo that seems to have an elegant appearance and could be much easier to read than those pure Black Letter fonts. These are basically traditional fonts that are commonly used for wedding invitations.

> The Informal Scenario

If you are looking for something less formal, it’s always best to use the casual handwriting fonts or some kind of decorative, theme fonts. You can opt for the Noodle Script or even the Caffe Latte. The latter is quirky and easy to pick. Many even opt for scanning one’s own handwriting. You can even select of design your wedding font based on personality, interest, and location. Western fonts may just work perfectly for country wedding settings. Then, there are those typewriter fonts that would perfectly compliment couples who would read and write together. For Irish themed weddings, there are those Carolingian as well Gaelic and Uncial Fonts available.

> Fine collage of Fancy with normal Fonts

There are quite a few decorative fonts that look nice while used in minimal amount. However, for creating crucial details like date, time, or location, it is necessary to ensure that every user should decipher the texts easily. As a result, it is always necessary to make sure that the fonts are paired perfectly with the right set of script for the names of groom and bride with legible san serif or simple Serif Fonts. In general, it is not recommended to mix two script based fonts or any two distinctive fonts. It might create a haphazard situation.