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9+ Word Fonts

A good font is an essential factor when it comes to graphic communication. Fonts date centuries back, and through the years, it has been used in different kinds of print and digital media such as cards, magazines, blogs, advertisements and the like.

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There are a wide variety of word fonts that can be applied in different media designs. As to what word font to use solely depends on the purpose and the usage of the medium being designed. To give you an idea as to what font to use, here are some word font styles for you to peruse and to download from.

Disney Word Font


Cursive Word Font


Word Typewriter Font


Word Tattoo Font


3D Word Font


Types of Fonts

There are numerous types of fonts being used by design professionals, but they can be summarized into these four basic group types:

  • Serif type. Most fonts in this type group showcase traditional style. Letters have lines or curves on the ends or the tops like the font Perpetua, a Transitional Serif style.
  • Sans Serif type. Fonts in this category do not have the lines on the ends of the letters. They emit a much more modern style. An example is the Franklin Gothic font.
  • Script type. Letters in this font type are connected in strokes. They are similar to the cursive handwriting style we have in school. Monotype Corsiva font is an example of this font type.
  • Decorative type. These fonts are mostly used to attract attention or to have an impact to those who see it, but they are not usually used in block texts but in displays like signages. The Curlz font is an example.

Knowing these font types aids you in deciphering the font to use for a particular design or document you are working on. If you are making a formal document, you can look though Serif or San Serif types. If you aim to generate a good title, you can browse through any type and make it bold in your design for emphasis and impact just like these bold fonts.

Graffiti Word Font


Vintage Word Font


Gothic Word Font


Romantic Word Font


Wedding Word Font


What Font to Choose

In choosing the font fit for the design you are making, there are many factors and aspects to consider. Here are some things you should consider when choosing your font:

  • Purpose/message. Always consider for what the design is all about. The font shows the mood of the design made. For example, if the purpose of your design is for people to see easily your signage or post, you can try using block fonts so as to make the letters clear even from a distance.
  • Audience. The person who will see or read you work is a vital factor in choosing for a font. If you’re writing a business letter, choose serif-type fonts. If you’re designing a music festival flyer, you could get creative with decorative fonts.
  • Suitability. The font you use should be suitable to what you are working on. For example, if you are writing an article for a magazine, you should choose a font that will be readable to the one who will read it.
  • Versatility. Fonts in your design should not be entitled to one font or one weight of font. You can combine fonts that complement together. If you still choose one font, you can differentiate its weight by italicizing or making it bold.

Having a good font is a must in graphics and design. With all these font types like the fonts to choose from this post, you can make your design presentable and understandable to your audience displaying the message you have put in, in working your design.


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