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When you wrap your gift, you would find the best design there is or a design that suits the personality of the person you are giving the gift to. Or, sometimes, you pick based on the theme of the event. Aside from gift wrappers, people usually buy boxes to put their gift inside. This saves them the time to wrap since the boxes already have designs in them. To make sure the gift doesn’t slip out of the wrapper or box, they are usually tied with a ribbon or surrounded with tapes. And, to put the finishing touch, a gift tag is attached.

A gift tag is where a short message is written on, such as to whom the gift is for or just a simple greeting. It adds a sprinkle of flair to the design of the wrapper or the box. If you are looking for gift tag templates that you can use for your gifts, then you have come to the right place. We have collected free —yes, free — gift tag templates below that are from various reliable sources. They are all well-designed and can cater to various themes that you may want to apply for your gift. Let’s get started and let’s go through each of those templates to know which of them will suit your taste.

Snowman Gift Tag Template

snowman gift tag template

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tag Template

chalk christmas gift tag template

Fancy Typography Gift Tags Template

fancy typography gift tags template

Spanish Gift Tag Template

spanish gift tags template

Yuletide Christmas Gift Tags Template

yuletide christmas gift tags template

Scrap Paper Ornament Gift Tags Template

scrap paper ornament gift tags template

Jumbo Gift Tag Template

jimbo gift tag template

Advantages of Using Free Templates

In this world where capitalism rules, a free item is a breath of fresher. For a moment, you don’t have to think about how to pay for it and just snatch it away and it will be yours to use! Great, isn’t it? These free items don’t always come by, so don’t waste any opportunity and grab them immediately. What do other advantages use free templates give us? Let’s find out more below! You may also see round gift tag templates.

For Clients

1. Well, it’s free!

It’s free. That’s it. You don’t need any other reason to think of when the only thing that matters to you is you don’t have to spend on anything. If you already have a budget that you are supposed to spend for the templates, you can save that for future projects or you can spend that for other important matters in the project. You may also see wedding gift tags.

2. No copyrights

With the innumerable designs lying around the Internet, you mindlessly download and use them for your own consumption. Most of the times, we don’t check if the design has copyrights. While this can be safe when you are just using it for your own consumption, like using it for school projects and assignments or for a decoration in your room, it can get a bit troublesome if you make a profit out of it or use it for any promotional tool. You would be sued, and it might milk some of your money to counter these charges or pay fines.

Using a design that has copyrights for profit will lead you to a legal case. You would be sued and it might milk some of your money to counter these charges or pay fines. So, to avoid these meddlesome repercussions, you should ask permission from the owner of the design to use it for something or use free designs instead. You may also see thank-you gift tags.

For a free design template, the owner allows people to use them any way they want. It’s like they are sharing their blessings with the needy. Miracles like this don’t always come by. If you look up the Internet, there are free templates everywhere, but it’s hard to trust some of them as they may be scams dressed as free which in the end would force you to pay up for the copyrights. Be careful when you check the Internet for free templates and only use those that do not have copyrights. You may also see fathers day gift tags.

For Owners

1. Increase Viewership

Most of the websites that offer free templates are blog sites. When they offer the free templates, they attract more visitors. The more visitors they acquire, the more they are exposed. And an increase in exposure could lead them to various deals and sponsorships because they will then be under the radar of business. Businesses can make a deal with the owner of the blog to feature their products and services or have a pay-per-click (PPC) ad on their blog.

Aside from the content of the sponsors, the content of the owner will also be gaining more views. If there’s a niche that they are trying to get out there, then they would definitely be able to reach more audiences if they offer free products at first. Once enough visitors or subscribers are gained, they can then focus more on the content that they have built the blog for. You may also see birthday gift tags.

2. Test Your Product

Giving it your product is free is like testing whether your product satisfies the customers or not before you go into full production or before you have ordered bulk orders from the supplier. Sampling feedback may indicate you only need to make a few small tweaks to make it a best seller. You may also see baby shower gift tags.

3. Get Feedback and Reviews

When you give out free products, people will usually praise you for it especially if the products are satisfying. You give your products the attention that they give and since it is free, people will be able to try them out and give reviews about it. Positive reviews and feedbacks are important especially if you are still starting. You need to get the free promotion through comments from the audience. You may also see holiday gift tags.

Reversely, giving free products will also make you’re prone to negative comments. There will be people who will not like what you have put out. Some of them are very critical but on the right way, like being objective about the product, while there are others who just love to hate on anything. These “haters” may affect your moral at first, but don’t mind them that much. They are only there to destroy your confidence and spread rumors about your simple business. The only way you can counter these is to continue performing whatever you are doing and just do better with every output.

Why Should You Use Templates?

There are also other advantages of using gift tag templates besides providing you the convenience of being able to make your designs quickly. Here are other advantages our gift tag templates can help you out with:

1. They increase speed

When you start from scratch, it may take you a while to start designing since you need to draw inspiration so you would be able to have an idea about the concept. Sometimes, you can’t even think of a concept at all or you have ideas but you don’t know which one to pick and try out first. You may also see printable favor tag templates.

When you are in a rush to create a gift tag, you might as well get a template for it. Compared to starting from scratch, you don’t have to think about the concept since the template already has designed. You don’t even need to gather images or set the font styles and sizes of the texts. All the elements are arranged and the only thing that you need to do is to edit the details and do minor changes if there are parts of the design that you want to change. There might be elements that would fit better with the concept. You may also see free tags.

Templates are great for emergency changes for the gift tag designs. There might be instances when you need to use a gift tag design for some reason, and the only way to catch up to the deadline is to obtain a gift tag template.

2. There are fewer errors

Graphic artists may be meticulous, but they still make mistakes from time to time. There may be some misaligned text or shape that’s of a different color that doesn’t suit the design. But, if you compare it to starting from scratch, you are more prone to mistakes especially if you are doing it in a rush. You may also see hang tag templates.

Less errors mean less time consumed to correct those errors. Your attention would be more focused on the other matters regarding the design. Also, it would be faster for you to finish designing the gift tag. But, even if it does have less errors, you still need to check a few times more to ensure that the design is flawless. You may also see sample hang tag templates.

3. It saves money

These templates are cheap, and they can be reused for future prints. For example, if you decide to have a gift tag for Christmas and you have created a different file that has modifications on the design. The original file can be set aside for future use. You can use the file for multiple files and you can create a lot of designs from it. Use it as a base for your future designs in case you need one.

4. They are editable

Since these are digital files, they are all editable. You can open them using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign if the file is compatible with any of those photo editing software programs. You can also use online photo editing websites to edit the templates. They have easy to use tools that you may want to try out.

5. They offer variety

What’s great about these templates is that they offer a great variety of designs that you can choose from. You want a gift tag for Christmas? They have more than one template for that. You want something that’s vintage-looking? They have one on the list. Although they can’t cater to every kind of design out there, they still offer a huge variety that you will be delighted to look through. You may also see name tag templates.

6. Look for Trustworthy or Verified Websites

As an average user, you usually just click on whatever is shown first in search results. While these websites are filtered and prioritized based on its security and legitimacy by Google or any search engine that you are using, there may come a time when the things that you are looking for are not in the first few pages. You may also see simple tag templates.

You will then be desperately looking for the result that you need further down the search results, and we can say that these sites may not be as secure and legit as those in the first few pages. So, to avoid being scammed or stolen data from, there are few points that you need to take note of to ensure that the site you are visiting is indeed safe and secure. You may also see tag design templates.

  • Design.  The design is a subjective matter and you can’t judge the book by its cover. There are websites that have a shabby User Interface (UI) and poorly structured User Experience (UX) but are indeed legit and secure. But, if you think about it, who would want a bad design for their websites? None, right? So, if you stumble upon a well-designed website, it is most likely a legitimate and secure website. And, to add confidence in it, look at the domain and connection type if it really secure.
  • Domain and connection type. For average users, this kind of technical information is nothing of great concern. But, if you are the type to take precautionary measures when using the Internet, then you definitely need to take note of the domain and connection type of the site you are accessing. To make it simple, you can verify the security of the site by looking at the URL of your browser. Usually, the word “Secure” is placed beside it, indicating that the website is using certain security protocols to protect your data from hackers. The security protocols are offered by security companies at a certain price, but rest assured that your data will definitely be safe.
  • Ads. Ads are the common medium for hackers to steal information. Those who are not familiar with ads will surely be tempted to click on them, not knowing that they contain viruses that can potentially harm your computer and steal information from you. So, to avoid such unfortunate situations, better stay away from websites that have too many ads on their page. You may also see luggage tag templates.

Watercolor Gift Tag Template

watercolor gift tag template

Minimalist Christmas Gift Tag Template

minimalist christmas gift tag template 788x591

Merry and Bright Christmas Gift Tag Template

merry and bright christmas gift tag template

Gift Tags with Matching Plaid Pouch Template

gift tags with matching plaid pouch template

Sweater Knit Gift Tags Template

sweater knit gift tags template

Urban Holiday Gift Tags Template

urban holiday gift tags template

Reindeer Hugs Gift Tags Template

reindeer hugs gift tags template

Brightly-Colored Gift Tags Template

brightly colored gift tags template

How To Make an Impressive Gift Tag

A gift tag is a finishing touch to the gift. Once the gift has been wrapped or put inside a box, it needs a ribbon and a printable gift tag to complete the look. It’s like an accessory that every gift should have to add a certain flair or charm to it. Since it’s a gift tag, it should be presentable enough to be given to the recipient of the gift. It would be embarrassing if the gift tag is the only thing on the gift that doesn’t belong to the design or it doesn’t add anything to it. Surely, you want everything to be perfect before you give your gift to the recipient. So, to make sure it’s presentable and at the same impressive, you can follow some of the steps below.

1. Design

The design of a gift tag may not be as crucial as that of the wrapper or box but it’s significant enough that it adds impact to the design of the gift wrapper or box. The goal of creating an impressive design is to make it attractive enough that the recipient will be stunned by it or they would appreciate it a lot. But, of course, just like any process in designing, you should plan first on how you want to go with your design. Crafting a design takes as much time in planning as it does in execution. You can never start the design without properly knowing what you want it to be and how you should go over it. Check the tips that you need to take note of in order to create an impressive gift tag.

  • Think of a concept. Before you start everything else, you should be able to come up with a concept for your gift tag. Do you want to have a vintage theme? Floral? Corporate? Sleek? The list can go on as long as you want. But despite having a good deal of choices, you should always remember to stick to the concept that best fits it. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put your personal touch in the design. It will help your gift tag look personalized. The recipient will then have an impression that you have put an effort in designing the gift tag and they will admire and appreciate your gift tag even more.
  • Plan the layout for your gift tag. Creating a layout is the first step in designing as it marks the positions and arrangements of the elements. Margins, spaces, and everything else that you need to create a skeletal form of your layout should be properly planned. Margins around the gift tag should not be too wide as it will compress the design. In spacing, make sure that the lines of words have enough space apart from each other to avoid crowding the text area. As you plan the arrangements, you can also include the outline of the images and the font styles that you need to use for the texts. This way, things will be easier for you to design since everything is already in order. You may also see name tag templates.
  • They should be attention-grabbing. Everywhere you go, there will always be that one thing that grabs your attention even at a peripheral view, be it a poster, a billboard, or even a person. Attractiveness is a weapon that should be utilized to its maximum potential, especially if you plan on using it to impress the recipient of the gift. Having your craft appreciated by someone boosts your confidence and it adds a sense of pride for your creation.  The recipient will then have an impression that you have meticulously prepared the gift tag that you have really poured out every ounce of your creativity into it. Every time people look into your gift, they will see an image of a hardworking individual that puts their dedication and heart into everything they do for the sake of the presentation of their craft. You may also see price tag templates.
  • Choose colors that pop! Since we’ve already discussed how the design should be attention-grabbing, one cannot end that topic without talking about the colors that should be used in the design. Although the beauty of a design is subjective, it is hard not to admit that colors are what make a design lively and fun to look at and that they make such a huge contribution for its impact. Using bright colors is one way for a design to be eye-catching, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave out the black and white motif. There are those who prefer minimalistic color tones for their design, and using a black and white color scheme is one way to achieve it. You can create a sleek, clean, or sophisticated look with both of them. Colors are essential elements which you should use carefully as they can greatly affect your design.
  • Make sure that the design is relevant to the concept that you are going for. Colors and striking designs will not matter if they are not relevant to the gift tag’s theme. The ideas that you have thought of should be evidently shown on your gift tag’s design. For example, in the case of a vintage-themed gift tag, the images, icons, and fonts should all complement each other and they should be able to truly show what a vintage style is. Putting images that do not relate to anything vintage will only make your gift tag disorganized, distracting, and disappointing. Every element’s relevance to the design should be carefully considered.

Wee Bird Christmas Gift Tag Template

wee birdy chritmas gift tag template

Modern Gift Tag Template

modern git tag template

Pen Ink Gift Tags Template

pen ink gift tags template

Old-School Notepaper Gift Tags

old school notepaper gift tags

Cute Gift Tag Template

cute gift tag template

Pie Chart Gift Tag Template

pie chart gift tag template

Peace and Love Gift Tag Template

peace and love gift tag template

Patterned Holiday Gift Tag Template

patterned holiday gift tag template

Easter Gift Tag Template

easter gift tag template

Have you found the perfect gift tag template?

Looking for the perfect template may take you a lot of time since there are lots of them lying around. You need to carefully go through each of them so you would know how which would be the perfect one for your gift tag. It would be confusing as well especially if you are given a list as extensive as the one in this article. There’s so much to choose from that it might even get a bit nauseating from staring too much at the computer going over each of the templates. You may also see sample tag templates.

Since this is a long list, make sure that you take a break from time to time so you it won’t give you a headache. Once you have rested enough, you can choose to go immediately back in looking at the list or get back to it some other time. In the latter’s case, you can bookmark this page so you can view it again next time. It would also be better that you take your time in choosing the template so you can contemplate which design you should go for the final one. You may also see jewelry tag templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect gift tag design and wish you all the best in creating your own gift tag! You may also see restaurant label tags.

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