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Every month, book stands roll out their newest editions of magazines and sell it to the people. Different titles have different kind of content catered to every reader. Magazines have been one of the best selling printed content alongside newspaper and fictional books. The strength of its readership can be felt worldwide and in the digital world.You may also see Travel Magazines


As someone who wants to start a magazine, you need to find a layout that suits your taste. Check out our collection of magazine templates for some fresh ideas.

Best Interior Design Magazine Template

File Format
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Publisher

Size: US, A3


Creative Church Magazine Template

File Format
  • InDesign

Size: US, A3


Creative Lifestyle Magazine

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  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US, A3


Creative Real Estate Magazine Template

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  • Pages
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Size: US, A3


Editable Real Estate Magazine Template

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  • Pages
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Size: US, A3


Commercial Travel Magazine Template

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Size: US, A3


Creative School Magazine Template

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Size: US, A3


Digital Photographer Magazine Template

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Size: US, A3 inches + Bleed


Free Business Magazine Template

free business magazine templateFree Download

Free Lookbook Magazine Template

free lookbook magazine templateFree Download

Free Minimalist Lookbook Magazine Template

free minimalist lookbook magazine templateFree Download

Free Marketing Magazine Template

free marketing magazine templateFree Download

Free Food Magazine Template

free food magazine templateFree Download

Free Travel Magazine Template

free travel magazine templateFree Download

Free Fashion Magazine Template

free fashion magazine templateFree Download

Free Sports Magazine Template

free sports magazine templateFree Download

Free Photographer Magazine Template

free photographer magazine templateFree Download

Free A4 PSD Magazine Mockup Isometric View

free a4 psd magazine mockup isometric view 788x

Magazine PSD Mockups Vol-2

magazine psd mockups vol 2 e

Square Magazine Mockup – Free PSD

square magazine mockup free psd e

Beta A4 Magazine Mockup

beta a4 magazine mockup

Square Magazine Mockup – PSD

square magazine mockup psd

Choosing A Magazine Template

There are many magazine templates available online. All you have to do is go online and choose from the options being rolled out. Consider other variations of the theme if you ever like one. Aside from that, the color schemes are also to be considered. Some themes have color schemes that are hard to customize while some can be customized easily.You may also see fashion magazines.

You don’t have to use all the features that are shown in the template. Depending on your need, you can tweak some things in the template. The photographs included in the template are usually not included in the actual template that you purchase. Spend a lot of time designing the template and make sure to save every time you make changes.You may also see food magazines.

Ultra Clean Free PSD Magazine Mockup

ultra clean free psd magazine mockup 788x

Free Magazine Cover Mockup Download

free magazine cover mockup download

Free Magazine Double Spread Mock-up Template PSD File

free magazine double spread mock up template psd file

Writing A Magazine Article

Magazine article writers go through so much just for one article. It takes so much brains and hard work to come up with one. Writing and rewriting is a common place in the magazine industry. You need to have a strong writing voice and excellent research abilities to be able to come up with an article. Keep a keen attention on details when you write magazine articles. Details matter in fleshing out stories that keep readers interesting.You may also see magazine cover templates.

1. Start with a topic.

Think of a topic that is interesting and goes well with the current times. It can be about a person, an event, a piece of artwork, a movie adapted from a book, how social media affects people, or anything that you think is interesting to the people. Your topic is the initial framework in writing the whole article.You may also see college magazines.

2. Find a good angle on the topic.

Your topic of choice can come off as too familiar. Several magazines have written about the same topic again and again. To have a unique edge for your article, find a good angle that is not really talked about or something that has not been tackled before. For example, an article feels so familiar when you decide to write about the impact of Korean pop music to women. To give this topic a fresher and meatier angle, you can have men as the subject of the article than women. That way, your article stands out and has higher chances of being published. It will shed light that not only women catches on the trend but men as well.You may also see photography magazines.

3. Begin the research.

Once you have your topic, you can begin researching for facts online and in books. Make sure to quote reliable sources only. Do not plagiarize anything but instead use this information to your maximum benefit. A good article is well-researched and quoted with reliable sources. Do a thorough fact checking before using any kind of information for your article.You may also see blank magazines.

4. Interview people.

Have a list of people to interview after researching information for your article. Contact them and schedule an interview. Prepare a set of questions for each person that you are going to interview so you won’t have a hard time and for the session to go smoothly. Bring a recorder, notebook and pen to take note everything they say. A direct quote from people sources are reliable in an article. Transcribe the interview and be accurate with every quote that you plan to include in your draft.You may also see advertising magazines.

5. Make an outline.

Now you have the information and interviews. The next thing to do is make an outline. Writing articles for magazines follow an hourglass pattern. It means that you start with the most important parts of the topic then narrow down to the least important ones. Then you start maximizing again until you reach the end. This has been followed by magazine writers worldwide. Your outline should have a clear flow so you won’t get lost when you write the article.You may also see magazine layouts.

6. Write the first draft.

Start writing the first draft of the article based on your outline. Always begin the article with a catchy sentence. This would entice your readers to read the rest of the article. Play with words to get them to read the whole content. It’s about getting the attention of the readers no matter what your topic is.You may also see fitness magazines.

Go to the body of the article. In the body, that is where you put the important information of the article. In putting a direct quote, use opening and closing quotation marks and write what the source actually said. Sometimes it may not be the exact words, but as long as it’s the gist of what he said then that’s good to go. Arrange your information well before you wrap up your article. You can end your article dramatically to leave a lasting impression on your readers.You may also see multipurpose magazines.

7. Rewrite the draft.

Always consider rewriting your first draft. You will surely see some mistakes in grammar and spelling. This is also an opportunity for you to trim down your article by removing unnecessary information and polishing it even more. Rewriting may take so much time but it’s worth all the headache.You may also see corporate magazines.

8. Submit to the editor.

Meet the deadline and submit your draft to your editor. He will add notes in your article and edit out other unnecessary information. It is the editor’s job to polish the article and tone it down. This is a risk that you should take no matter what. Be brave enough to do it.You may also see art magazines.

9. Wait for feedback and follow tips.

It usually takes days before you get a feedback on the article that you wrote. Wait for it faithfully. When it comes, make sure to follow the tips and notes written by your editor. Now it’s time to start rewriting your article.You may also see Magazine PHP Themes

10. Send the final draft.

The editor gives you a deadline on when to finish the final draft. Send it before the deadline to keep yourself from being scolded. This also gives the editor an idea of your hard work and responsible work ethics. Who knows, it may earn you another chance of a writing assignment again.You may also see sports magazines.

Free PSD Magazine Mockup

free psd magazine mockup e

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

photorealistic magazine mockup 788x

Types of Articles Published In Magazines

Magazines have a diverse content that seeks to entertain and inform readers. In one magazine issue, several types of articles are written and included to provide the ultimate reading experience. Here are some of the most popular kind of content found in magazines:

1. Profiles.

Profile stories are long, multiple-page stories about a celebrity, politician, or any public figure who has gained the interest of many. These kinds of articles are written after a sit-down interview with the person of interest and research about him. Most of the time, celebrities are featured in profile stories. They are also on the cover of the magazine. Profile stories get the interest of the readers since they get to know more about the celebrity and discover new facts about him.You may also see wedding magazines.

2. Lists.

List articles are a short list that talks about a certain topic. An example of a list article about trends such as songs that will surely make you reminisce your first love. Another example is about a list of the movies with emotionally-charged and significant plot that people should watch in their lifetime. In list articles, each item included in the list has a little background written about it. It gives more context and reason why it is included in the list. Usually, list articles has 5 items and above. List articles could also be a ranking of any item from best to worst, or vice versa. They are easier to write and read as well.You may also see business magazines.

3. How tos.

How to articles have the same setup as list articles. However, these have a more instructional approach than a list article. It follows a list of instructions on how to do something. It is usually about simple do-it-yourself items that can be used in everyday life. How tos are a big help but is often taken for granted. The only difference between how tos and list articles is that how tos are shorter, since it only provides help and instructions.You may also see minimalistic magazines.

4. Human interest.

Things that gain the interest of the people are often made into feature stories in magazines. It can be anything as long as it has a story to tell. It tells an emotional story about a person, animals, current events and a piece of history. Human interest articles are worth the read. It has a narrative flow that is quite similar to fiction. It shows people and their problems, which in turn can make the reader feel amused, shocked and sympathize on the subject of the article.You may also see magazine HTML5 themes.

5. Satire.

Some magazines produce satirical content. Satire is a genre that exposes the stupidity of the situation through humor. Satirical magazines are popular among the masses as well. These kind of magazines deal with human nature and everything that is wrong with the society.You may also see magazine after effects.

6. Essays.

Essays are oftentimes published in magazines. It can be a section in the magazine where anyone can submit their own piece and have a chance to get featured every month. Essays are mostly about personal experiences, or personal thoughts that relate to a certain universal topic such as love. Some magazine publishers don’t pay their contributors, but it’s a good training ground for you to harness your writing skill.You may also see news magazine psd templates

7. Trends.

Trends in gadgets, movies, television series, and anything that speaks of newness are published in magazines. For example, a new social media application is making waves to users around the globe. Writers can write about its features, usability and how it is making an impact in today’s social media usage. Any kind of trend can be written about when it comes to magazines.You may also see magazine print layout.

8. Lifestyle.

Lifestyle articles take on a huge space in magazines. They are about keeping a healthy life and ways on how to do it. Lifestyle is an essential part of magazines, as this is the part where people turn to when it comes to health, beauty, style and fashion.You may also see magazine templates.

9. Opinion.

Magazines such as TIME publish opinion articles on a certain topic. It can be about politics, a societal problem hidden in an entertainment piece, or a part of history that serves as a lesson for all of us today. Opinion articles are written from the writer’s point of view without choosing any side.You may also see magazine prestaShop themes

Digest-Size Magazine PSD Mockup

digest size magazine psd mockup 788x50

Modern Magazine Template

modern magazine template e1527468516480

Kinds of Magazines

Magazines have so much to offer. Each one has a target audience, from teenagers, adults, tech lovers, and those who just love reading anything and everything in between. These are the kinds of magazines that get circulated every month.You may also see magazine blog themes.

1. Entertainment magazines.

The juiciest celebrity gossips are found in entertainment magazines. These magazines feature the latest celebrity news, updates on movies to be released, who’s dating who, and concert tours. Entertainment magazines are popular among young adults. They are the biggest consumer of entertainment content in today’s world.You may also see magazine magento themes.

2. Health and wellness magazines.

Anything about health and how to keep yourself healthy can be found in health and wellness magazines. Lessons on how to diet and picking the right food to eat are some of the most common content in these kinds of magazines. Exercise routine is also taught step by step.You may also see magazine bloggers.

3. Tech magazines.

This is the right magazine for tech geeks who are into the latest technological advancements. Everything about gadgets and improvements on science are written in tech magazines. Tech magazines have a fair amount of readership as well.You may also see magazine website themes.

4. Fashion magazines.

Need some hand on fashion trends? Fashion magazines are the ones to read. They offer tips on how to dress up for certain occasions and on everyday fashion. They also write stories on fashion trends and how it creates an impact on how people dress up these days.You may also see magazine cover designs.

5. News magazines.

News magazines are published periodically and serves as a roundup of the latest news of the last month. Aside from news, feature stories about people and events in history are included in the published output. TIME magazine is an example of a news magazine.You may also see magazine opencart themes

6. Automobile magazines.

People who like cars and anything automobile buy these kind of magazines. Just like other kinds of magazines, this is usually published in a monthly basis. Automobile magazines also put famous people in the field of racing on their cover to gain a fair amount of readership.You may also see magazine brochures.

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

photorealistic magazine mockup

Letter Magazine Mockup

letter magazine mockup

Magazine Mock-Up PSD Freebie

magazine mock up psd freebie 788x50

Free Magazine PSD Mockup

free magazine psd mockup 788x

Magazines have been widely read and accepted since its conception decades ago. From one magazine that puts all kind of content, companies decided to put in content that caters the need of every kind of reader. Some of the magazine titles in the world gained worldwide recognition for their content and branding. You may also see magazine cover designs

1. Time

Time is a weekly news magazine and is has the biggest circulation of its kind in the world. It is based in New York City and was founded in 1923. Time is known for its use of inverted sentences as its writing style and its signature red border on the cover. The news magazine rounds up the latest stories with in-depth research on the subject matter.You may also see magazine joomla themes

2. Cosmopolitan

Often referred to as Cosmo, the magazine features stories on self-improvement, beauty, health and fitness for women. Fashion, careers, relationships and sex can also be found in Cosmopolitan.You may also see magazine drupal themes

3. Elle

Elle is a lifestyle magazine originating from France. Its main focus are health, beauty, fashion and entertainment. Founded in 1945, Elle is available in 33 editions worldwide. It is also the bestselling magazine in the world.You may also see magazine portfolio templates

4. Vogue

Vogue’s maiden issue was in 1892 and it started out as a newspaper before becoming a monthly publication. It publishes stories on fashion, runway, culture, beauty and daily living. Its current editor-in-chief is Anna Wintour. The word “Vogue” means style in the French language. It has been circulated worldwide and featured A-list celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian.You may also see modern magazine designs

5. Marie Claire

Just like Elle and Vogue, Marie Claire is a monthly magazine that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. It was first published in France in 1937. You may also magazine PSD themes

6. Esquire

Esquire is a men’s magazine that saw its first publication in 1933. Its current headquarters is in New York City. esquire publishes stories on entertainment, culture and living. They also publish fictional stories found in the magazine and has a reputation for nurturing the talent of young writers. It is available in several editions worldwide.You may also see magazine portfolio templates

7. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping was published every two weeks in its foundation in 1885 until it became a monthly publication. It is a women’s lifestyle magazine that focuses on health, diet, home economics and recipes.

8. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is the largest men’s magazine worldwide. It publishes stories on health, fitness, sex, technology, fitness, nutrition and grooming. Its first edition came out in 1987 and is also published in 35 editions worldwide. These editions provide unique content to the readers in their country.You may also see news magazine drupal templates

9. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is a general interest magazine that first got published in 1922 in the United States. The magazine contains human interest stories. It is published 10 times a year and is relatively small in size compared to other magazines. Just like Men’s Health, the worldwide editions provide unique content to their readers after starting out as mere translations.You may also see magazine themes

10. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly or EW features topics about television, movies, books, popular culture and Broadway theater plays. It was first issued in 1990 and has gained a massive amount of readership. The main concentration of EW is entertainment news and reviews of movies and television shows. The magazine caters to the general audiences. It is distributed monthly in 110 countries.You may also see magazine type concrete5 themes

11. National Geographic

National Geographic primarily focuses on history, science, culture and geography. It contains several articles about nature and wildlife as well. This monthly magazine was founded in 1888 and has 37 editions worldwide.You may also see magazine bootstrap themes.

Floating Open A4 Magazine Mockup

floating open a4 magazine mockup1 788x

Magazines and the Digital Age

The digital age brought about a big change in the magazine industry. Most of the editions that we see now are also published digitally in their websites. From its conception, magazines were widely available in their printed versions. As 21st century came and more people are consuming digital content, magazine publishers felt the need to gradually shift to the digital realm. Their stories are now available for online consumption, as well as a digital issue of their magazine. But still, it has remained side by side with its printed counterparts.You may also see magazine website themes.

The digital versions of magazine stories offer more interaction from people. It is closely tied to social media. People can comment on a certain article and say their thoughts about it. Another thing about the digital versions of magazines is it is readily available and can be brought anywhere. Just save a copy of it in your mobile devices and you can read it anytime anywhere. It is less bulkier than the printed version.You may also see wordPress magazine themes

As for the printed version, it has a longer shelf life than any other content. The content published this month can be read and still be relevant in the future. Since it covers a wide range of subjects, the content remains fresh. It just gets updated with all the right angles and tones.

Some say that the print industry in magazines is slowly dying. While there might be a good point to that statement, the magazine industry is just adapting to the changes and focusing more on digital content. The print is still there, going side by side with the digital copies, but the content creations is more updated. Short videos related to the article pop up as you click on the story. This gives more context to the article. It also serves as an alternative if you don’t want to read the story.You may also see magazine journal blog templates

Give it 10 to 20 years, every written content that you see goes digital. The print edition becomes a rare find, but it paved the way for better content sharing and interaction of buzz worthy stories in the digital world.


Magazines are a form of entertainment and a hub for information. The content lasts for a longer time than any newspapers and other mediums. It provides us stories than we can read again and again. Magazines are always here to stay, in coffee shops, in clinic waiting rooms, and in book stands.You may also see magazine journal blog templates

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