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7+ Good Friday Templates

Good Friday is a day observed by Christians all over the world to commemorate the passion, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ. It falls on the Friday before Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. This commemoration is a part of remembering Christ and remembering the events leading up to Jesus’s final day on earth. You can also check for our Easter Template collection.

There are events and spiritual activities held during Good Friday, which is why there are banners that are created to provide information about the program. Banners are commonly used to bear messages, images, and other information about a specific function.


Good Friday Flyer Template


The use of three crosses and divine rays, be it as an actual image or a vector, is widely used as a design material in banners as they are very simple yet they evoke the message that is needed to be relayed for this event.

Good Friday Church Flyer

The Good Friday church flyer templates that you use does not necessarily need to be designed in a fancy way. A simple banner design will do as long as it can show commemoration and remembrance of Jesus Christ’s ministry and life’s work.


Good Friday Postcard PSD Template

Churches organize events like concerts and spiritual discussions during Good Friday. A good way to inform people about the event is to create a postcard design that can provide the details of the church who will host the event and other information that are helpful for various people to know more about the gathering.


Good Friday Promo Banner

You can also make use of quotations and images that can provide a visual information about the reason why good Friday is commemorated by Christians. This will be very helpful for children and visual learners as they can easily identify the reason of the program execution.


Christ Good Friday Vector

You can create a Good Friday vector that allows more people to understand the meaning of the banner better as they can look on a variety of images and icons that showcase the essence of Good Friday.

Religious Good Friday Vector

These Good Friday templates may not be as flamboyant compared to other banners used in occasions and celebrations. However, it is not always on the appeal of an item that makes it usable. The purpose that a simple and well-made Good Friday banner can provide is already enough to create the solemn mood that people need to have during this day.

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