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Finishing studies is an important milestone for a person. It is his ticket to getting bigger and brighter opportunities for his future. Graduation can mean a lot of things to the person graduating and his parents. No more nights of endless academic studying and saying hello to new challenges that will make them grow as a person. You may also see sample postcards.

Giving postcards to a person who just graduated college is a common practice. If you are looking for a good design, check out our collection of templates. You may also see event postcard templates.

Graduation Invitation Postcard Template

graduation invitation postcard template
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Graduation Postcard Template

graduation postcard template

Handmade Graduations Congratulations Postcard

handmade graduations congratulations card

Vintage Lettering Graduation Postcard

vintage lettering graduation postcard

About Graduation Postcards

A graduation postcard is a small-sized card which is mainly used for congratulating someone when they finish their studies. It is a greeting and an act of showing your warmest words for a person who has struggled so much to finish all the requirements at school. Graduating from school is just the beginning of a person in dealing with life’s harshest realities. They are expected to grow from where they will start. It’s a long path to take, but one that is worth the ride. You may also see vintage postcard templates.

Write your sincerest message at the back of the postcard. Make the message short but sweet. This reflects on how you feel about the recent graduate. You can choose a design that has a witty statement at the front, or make your own. It saves time if you buy a pre-made design online. Choose a design that is friendly to your pocket. Another factor for choosing a design is to go for a classy and minimal one. It has just the right details but it looks simple enough. Either way, your message will be appreciated as long as it is sincere. You may also see old postcard templates.

Graduation Postcard Invitation

postcard graduation invitation

Simple Graduation Postcard Template

graduation postcard template

Life After Graduation

The moment you throw your graduation cap in the air, you are ready to start a new life outside the borders of your school. Life after graduation is way different from when you were in school. This is the taste of what “the real life” is. There’s no turning back. You can only wish you are a student again. You may also see save the date event postcards.

1. A whole lot of adjustments.

In school, your life is accustomed to semesters and school breaks. Give it 4 to 5 months, another chapter of your life starts over again. When you finish school, everything happens in a linear motion with no breaks in between. You also have to adjust to the new life outside of school, that means hunting for a job and being cut off with your weekly allowances. You may also see free postcard templates.

2. Getting a job.

Most college graduates get a job after they finish school. This is where they apply all the skills and knowledge they learned while studying. If you don’t end up in your dream job on the first try, there’s no need to worry. There’s always a first time to try new things. Some people have dream jobs and end up not working in it. Some land a job that is completely opposite of what they want but ends up falling in love with it. No job is easy. You might end up hating it, but what matters is your willingness to hustle with life’s difficulties. You may also see corporate postcard templates.

3. Paying your own bills.

Of course, you pay your own bills when you start working. You don’t have to depend on your parents anymore for money. You can now pay for your own place, food, and other basic commodities. It’s also an opportunity for you to give back to your parents. You may also see advertising postcard templates.

4. Taking a Master’s degree.

You are lucky if you don’t have to work for a dime and proceed to take a Master’s degree after you graduate. For some, they have to work for a few years to save up for their education. Sometimes, they juggle school and work at the same time and even take part-time jobs. Some of your batch mates even take up law or study medicine. Every educational endeavor is of great importance and will pay off in the future.

5. A smaller circle of friends.

As time goes by, we lose touch with most of our friends. Only the important ones remain in our lives. Let’s take time to treasure each of them. The smaller the circle, the lesser drama you’re likely to see. Getting entangled with other people’s drama is far less important than working on your own dreams. On the other hand, we should celebrate our friends’ victories and milestones in life. Friends and family are the kinds of relationship that matters. You may also see holiday postcard templates.

6. Setting more time to prioritize.

As you begin to live your adult life, you begin to have a list of things to prioritize more than anything. This may include working hard and lessening social interaction with people. You also need to prioritize your needs over your wants since there is a thin line to that. Giving more time to priorities will allow you to set your goals straight. You may also see sample thank you postcards.

7. Needing parents more than ever.

Every now and then, we need the comfort and guidance only our parents can give. Yes, we are old enough to decide for ourselves now, but there are moments of uncertainty that makes us lost and confused. We call them from time to time and tell them about frustrations and decisions. Parents would just listen and offer the best advice they can give to their children. It is a fairly typical scenario, which only means that children still need their parents at any age. You may also see sample photo postcard templates.

Vintage Postcard Graduation Template

vintage postcard graduation template

Graduation Announcement Postcard Template

graduation announcement postcard template

Graduation Postcard Design Template

graduation postcard sample template

8. Lesser sleep means trouble.

As we grow older, our bodies start to adapt to the changes. When we were younger, it is still possible to function with only four hours of sleep. We can go the entire day without closing our eyes no matter how tired we are. Now that we are working full-time jobs, having lesser sleep puts us in great trouble. It makes our mind and body malfunction and loses our concentration. We realize the value of sleep and debunk the saying “sleep is for the weak”. You may also see powerpoint postcard templates.

9. Relationship fall outs and new beginnings.

We can’t control it when people leave our lives for good. People just come and go. Keep the worthy ones who stayed even when things got rough. Start a new beginning with others and offer new chances of finding love and creating stronger bonds that last. You may also see postcard template samples.

10. Saving up for the future.

Of course, one of the best reasons why we have to get a job is to save up for the future. That includes retirement and getting married, whichever comes first. It is wise to save up in advance, including healthcare and emergency purposes. You may also see 5*7 postcard templates.

11. Working hard to reach our dreams.

We have our own dreams that we have to work hard for. No dream is easy to reach and sometimes, we do everything in our power to have it. There’s no greater fulfillment in life than seeing your dreams come true in full swing. We just have to work as hard as we can and make a difference in our lives. You may also see birthday postcard templates.

12. The pressure of marriage.

In a society that is taking a step ahead and backward at the same time, being married is still the measurement of a person’s worth. Modern dating has evolved in the recent times. Some people go on dates just to pass time, while some just date to marry. Marriage is not an easy journey, given with the temptation younger and older people face with the onset of technology. Parents and grandparents are still stuck in the notion that young people should marry early. Right now, marriage is a matter of choice. Love is not just enough to make a marriage last because of practicality matters. You may also see printable postcard templates.

13. Understanding your expenses.

Money is not easy to earn these days. Prices of goods are surging at a faster rate than we expect. As workers, we have to understand our expenses and find a way to budget our own money. We have to track our expenses and see how we can put an end to our unhealthy spending habits. You may also see mac postcard templates.

14. Failures and figuring out what life is.

You and the people around you silently expect that you have your life figured out after graduation. But in reality, no one knows how life goes after that ceremony. Life is a roller coaster ride that all of us are expected to hop in. We are taken in several highs and lows, and we learn from it. There are some goals that we fail to reach because the odds are against us. But that is okay, as long as we tried and gave our best. Nothing is better than learning a lot in life, though we don’t always end up where we want to be. You may also see easter postcard templates.


Life after graduation is not easy, that’s why a receiving a postcard for it when you graduate is already a big thing. We are stuck in our very own situations one moment at a time. Yes, it may grow frustrating but we just have to keep going. Life lessons are learned in the hardest way we know. These are the lessons we don’t get in lectures and can make us into a better person. You may also see free printable postcards.

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