7+ Grunge Shapes for Photoshop


As a counterpart to the glossy and shiny look, a dirty look with irregular, nasty, and ugly visual elements has become a trend to create some unconventional design approaches. In design and typography, or other production of various images, we can pinpoint a style that is gritty and almost dirty, which we call the grunge style. Although it has quite an unpleasant notion, it certainly has a great influence in the visual art production.

So, if you’re looking for grunge themes to incorporate in your creative projects, feel free to browse our huge spectrum of Photoshop custom shape brushes to help you create countless grungy creations worthy of a dystopian future themed art. Photoshop brushes are great time-savers as they allow you to create artworks without having to draw individual design elements.

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Grunge Banner Shapes

grunge banner shapes Download

Grunge Splatter Shapes

grunge splatter shapes Download

Vector Grunge Photoshop Shapes

vector grunge photoshop shapes Download

Grunge Brush Shapes

grunge brush shapes Download

How to Use The Grunge Brushes

Grunge has affected a lot of different aspects and created associations that show common characteristics and makes anything with this concept considered such. Here are some of the areas which grunge has penetrated its influence and where to use this style.

  • In music. First of all, grunge was made cool through music. Incorporating elements of punk rock and heavy metal and with lyrics that are filled with teenage angst, young adults have found a way to express the turbulence of their emotions that are typical for anyone at this age.
  • In fashion. Derived directly from the type of music mentioned above, this style was simultaneously born and is similarly characterized by people taking as little effort as possible on appearance and wear random clothing deliberately as they dress for comfort and affordability.
  • In art. Designers and artists often tend to explore the less ideal and more realistic design solutions which reflect the world we’re living in more accurately and precisely. The main purpose of these elements lies in their ability to convey a personality and an individual note.

If these are the characteristics you want to express as an artist, then the patterns on this page, such as the circular Photoshop shapes, will help you communicate the right feel of any design.

Grunge Rounded Badge Shapes

grunge rounded badge shapes Download

Grunge Splat Spot Cracked Shapes

grunge splat spot cracked shapes Download

Grunge Radiation Symbol Vector Shapes

grunge radiation symbol vector shapes Download

Grunge Circle Shapes

grunge circle shapes Download

What Makes the Grunge Aesthetic

What is exactly a grunge look? The grunge effect is used to reflect the idea of dirt or grime, so, the common characteristics of the grunge aesthetic are

  • bleeding watercolor,
  • heavy texture,
  • spray-like effect,
  • splashes of paint, and
  • slurred or scratched out fonts.

Why Use the Grunge Shapes Brushes

People can claim opinions that grunge designs are appealing or not. However, there is no point in arguing that these artistic interpretations are hard to miss, and we all know that anything that draws attention and triggers emotion is worth the attention. Designers and artists alike love using this method because:

  • They are not mainstream.
  • They are not shiny and glossy.
  • They are organic and realistic.
  • They have an unpolished finish.
  • They are fresh and non-trivial.
  • They look great in different layouts.
  • They associate well with other styles.
  • They are less uniform, structured, and sleek.
  • They are flexible and give you a lot of freedom to express.
  • They can be overused without looking overdecorated.

Also, check out geometric custom shapes brushes and other Photoshop brushes onsite.

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