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They say high school never ends. Graduating high school is a literal ending to the journey, but the lessons and memories always stay. There are some things that we might like and not like in this phase of our lives. In high school, we discover more of ourselves and what we can do with it. You may also see High School Brochure Templates.


High School Bi-Fold Brochure Template

high school bi fold brochure
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Size: A4, US


High School Tri-Fold Brochure Template

high school tri fold brochure template
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Size: A4, US


Schools have to promote their institutions to gain a huge number of students. One marketing tool that is quick and effective for that purpose is through the use of brochure designs. These brochures contain anything and everything about the school. These are distributed in event fairs and public places, in the hopes of increasing their number of enrollees for the present school year.

School Education Tri-Fold Brochure

school education tri fold brochure

School Education Bi-Fold Brochure

school education bi fold brochure

School Promotion Bi-Fold Brochure

school promotion bi fold brochure

What Graduating High School Means

High school is the formative years of learning for each student. This is where one decides what he wants to be and discovers his skills and talents. The moment he knows his capacities, he would have a firm stand on what career he wants to pursue. It is important for a student to know about himself and his skills. High school is also an opportunity to know yourself better. You would know the things you like and you don’t like, and have a set of principles that you adhere to until you grow old. You may also see preschool brochures.

High school is only a preparation for the unlimited academic challenge college can give. These two have different setups, but it hones the child in a way that prepares him for what comes ahead. The high school has its own fair share of charm and nostalgia that you would surely look back on in the coming years. You may also see PSD brochure templates.

Education School Trifold Brochure Template

education school trifold brochure template

Back To School Trifold Brochure Template

back to school trifold brochure template

High School Brochure Template

high school brochure template

Trifold Back to School Brochure

trifold back to school brochure

High School Bi-Fold Brochure Design

high school bi fold brochure design

Reasons Why Schools Use Brochure

When classes are about to begin, schools and universities hand out brochures to give out to people. They are hoping for a bigger turnout of enrollees for the upcoming school year. You may also see brochure templates in word.

Here are some of the reasons why schools use brochures:

1. Convenient.

A brochure is a convenient way to put all the information about the school and why students should enroll in it. If it is a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure, space is maximized. More information can be written and more ways will be done in convincing people to enroll.

2. Promote the school well.

With the information written on brochures, the school gets promoted to the audience it serves. The information should be written briefly and concisely to be able to relay the message well. It is one of the best marketing techniques when you want your audience to quickly get the message right where it belongs. You may also see creative brochure templates.

3. Show off the best in everything.

Aside from promoting the school, the school shows off its best assets in the brochure. Amenities, scholarship programs and anything good about the school is being promoted. It builds up the school’s reputation. This can entice parents to have their children enrolled in the school. You may also see kindergarten brochure templates.

4. Hold reader’s attention.

Brochures can hold the reader’s attention through smartly written text and attractive photos. People tend to be attracted to anything visually pleasing. You can get any message across with a single back-to-back brochure or a multiple fold brochure as long as you know what to put in it. You may also see education tri-fold brochures.

5. Cost-effective.

Brochures are a cheaper way of advertising. Compared to television and radio where you need to pay for the airtime, brochures have layouts and printed right then and there. It costs less since you only have to pay for the costs of the designer’s salary, the type of paper to be used and the printing fees. You may also see graduation brochure templates.

6. Reaches target audience well.

High school brochures are intended for high school students, but it has a potential to extend beyond age and class. Anyone who is interested in enrolling in the school can enroll regardless of financial status.

School Welcome Brochure Template

school welcome brochure template

Education Brochure Format

education brochure format

School Promotion Tri-Fold Brochure

school promotion tri fold brochure

Surviving High School

High school is a tough ride. The most hilarious, moodiest and prettiest of people exist in this societal jungle. High school is a great way to make memories. Surviving it is a matter of resilience. Here are some tips on surviving high school. You may also see junior high school brochures.

1. Be yourself.

Always be yourself. High school is a spot for gossips and bullying, but don’t let it get to you. Be yourself even when somebody does not like it. It pays a lot better than pretending someone that you are not. When you are yourself, people will naturally come to you and admire you for who you are. You may also see college brochure templates.

2. Take enough notes.

While in class, pay attention to the teacher and take enough notes as much as you can. These will guide you in studying and can be used as a reference. You can also go back to these notes when you are studying a familiar lesson. Notes would have much more sense if it comes from the teacher’s mouth. You may also see elementary school education brochure.

3. Study hard.

Students should study hard with or without exams. You should keep your notes organized and devote some time to studying. At least 2 hours per night is already enough. To have a clearer focus in studying, study first the subjects that are hard to understand. Next, go to the easy ones. Develop a template for studying that suits you. It will help you absorb the information easily. You may also see tri-fold brochure templates.

4. Get enough sleep.

High school can be stressful. Getting enough sleep should be a daily routine. It helps you stay focused in class and be on time. It refreshes your mind and memory as well. You have all the energy that lasts for the whole day. You may also see printable bi-fold brochure templates.

5. Let someone know if you’re being bullied.

Bullying is one thing that never goes missing in high school. There will always be a handful of people who get bullied by others for various reasons. Most of the time, bullying can affect the bullied person big time. It results in loss of confidence, self-esteem and at most, the will to go on in life. To some extent, bullying can cause suicide. You may also see free brochure templates.

Do not let the bullies get the best of you. Let some people know if you are being bullied so you can get the help you need. Do not be afraid to reach out. There are people who are willing to help, such as your guidance counselor. After you get through the bullying phrase, use it to become a better version of yourself. You may also see word bi-fold brochure templates.

6. Stay away from toxic people.

As much as possible, do not rub elbows with people who make you feel bad about yourself. Stay away from them. Their kind of thinking is way more different than yours, and usually, it leans on the bad side of things. These people would just pick on you every chance they get. For you to live a more peaceful life, better stay away from them. You may also see environmental brochures.

7. Choose your friends.

Be friendly but choose your friends. Choose those who support you and never let you down. Choose those who help you out in times of need. These people will stay in your life as long as you treat each other with respect. You may also see summer camp brochures.

8. Choose the right clothes to wear.

Fashion is such a big thing in high school. When you wear something that looks bad to others, you would get picked on. Choose good clothes to wear and hold your chin up high. Do not let the unsolicited fashion comments bring you down. You may also see half fold brochure templates.

9. Join extracurricular activities.

High school is a perfect way to hone your abilities. Join clubs and other extracurricular activities to further develop your talent and be the best that you can be. These can boost your resume and chances of getting scholarships in college. You may also see best teacher brochure templates.

10. Think positive.

Always think positive. Everything will be in its right place and it’s just a matter of timing. High school is pretty tough, but you’ll make it with a positive mindset and a resilient heart. You may also see best brochure templates.

School Brochure Adobe Indesign Template

school brochure adobe indesign template

High School Trifold Brochure Design

high school trifold brochure design

Multipurpose Trifold Brochure Design

multipurpose trifold brochure design

Tips In Designing The Brochure

When buying a premade brochure take note if the design is fully customizable. This includes the text, color, color schemes and the overall arrangement of the brochure itself. Take your budget into account if it is enough to buy the templates. Online templates have various prices and stick to one that suits your budget.

Put in the right photos in the sample brochure. This will attract the senses of the people in reading with the content. With regards to the content, it has to be written in a straightforward tone. Every bit of information should be understandable to all kinds of readers. Lastly, save your work so it won’t be discarded in case of power outage.


Graduating from high school is the beginning of a more challenging life in college. It helps you decide on what to do with your life in the coming years. The learning never stops, and high school gives you a whole lot of that. You may also see pop-up brochure templates.

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