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How to Create a Newspaper [10+ Templates]

In an age of people’s outrage over supposed fake news and social media half-truths, the journalist is facing a challenge that’s getting tougher by the day, rallying people into truth, shaping public opinion and keeping by the virtues and standards of journalism as a profession. There has never been a time when the press was threatened into silence. And there has never been a more important time for the press to write unflinchingly.

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5 Steps to Create a Newspaper

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Like any medium in (mass) communication, the greater purpose for why you release the morning, Sunday, monthly or quarterly paper is more about who you write for and what they need to know. Throughout history, newspapers have been known to publish what’s happening in a community or the world at large.

Step 2: Find Stories And Write Them

There are so many things you can write about but you’ve got to choose which ones you can publish for your audience. Do your legwork and go outside. Talk with people in the community and research to find unique stories. Check for press releases in local businesses. Join the locals to get a feel of the stories that deserve space in your next issue.

Step 3: Think Close Proximity

Designing the layout of a newspaper and completing one issue should also have realistic goals. You can’t publish for the whole state if what you are is a local paper that sets focus on community updates, and stories in-the-know. If you want to include national issues, make sure there are enough local news and feature stories in your sections.

Step 4: Reinforce Journalistic Ethics

There arguably is no other profession more scrutinized by the public than journalism, and it is for this reason that malicious reporting and articles set to damage a person’s reputation has no place in a newspaper. You don’t want to publicly apologize for a statement you could have double-checked.

Step 5: Edit and Proofread

Cover all bases and make absolutely no room for errors if you don’t want to lose an audience or ruin a hard-earned reputation. When a poorly written article or one that’s void of credibility gets past the editor to be published on the next issue, everyone has to answer to the public.

10+ Newspaper Templates

1. Art and Culture Newspaper Template


Establishing journalistic standards is the stronghold of any newspaper. Before the layout is decided, everything needs to be fact-checked from the news to the satire articles and even the ones in your entertainment sections. Check this newspaper template to further see what kind of articles you can include.

2. Financial Newspaper Design Template


Unsure on how your next publication issue should look like? Download this newspaper template and go over the layout to get a general idea of the layout and design of your regular broadsheet, if it’s a broadsheet you wish to print. Otherwise, check other templates and designs included in this article.

3. Health Newspaper Example


Planning on publishing for a very specific audience? You might find the newspaper template above very helpful if your articles are focused, with stories intended to a certain group of people in the community such as health and fitness enthusiasts. Feel free to just download ad print for your convenience!

4. Political Newspaper Template


Don’t have enough experience with desktop publishing? Go ahead and take advantage of the newspaper design templates we have here and then edit and customize based on the design, layout, and format that your school, organization or company needs. They’re also easy to download and print so you can have as many copies as you want.

5. Food and Health Newspaper Example


Worried about public rejection with a poor newspaper layout? Don’t stress. This article has a great selection of the best newspaper designs whether you’re publishing a broadsheet or tabloid, locally, nationally, or both. They also come in different formats that you can just easily download and print in no time!

6. Free Sports Newspaper Template


Your regular Sunday paper comes with complete sections of news and stories from business and the stock market, music, and Hollywood, health and lifestyle, including sports and humor. Then there’s the newspaper targeted for a specific audience such as the sports newspaper template sample seen here, which means you’re free to do the same!

7. Technology Newspaper Design


Have you run out of ideas for your next issue’s final layout? Get this newspaper design template and go over the pages to make sure you don’t miss out on the most important type of stories or sections that a top news publishing company should have. Don’t let the design intimidate you. Instead, use it as your guide to nail yours.

8. Free Travel Newspaper Template


Having trouble appealing to certain types of readers? You might want to set focus on the stories that people want to hear in these not-so-troubled times, so go ahead and download this travel newspaper template as an inspiration for your next circulation. If not, you can always edit and customize the design to make your task easier.

9. Photorealistic Newspaper Mockup


Not sure where to put headlines, bylines and your main story? Good thing you’ll never run out of options if you need templates and samples for a newspaper layout or design since we’ve got that part covered. Just don’ rely too much on their availability if you want to come up with a more out-of-the-box design.

10. Newspaper Template Sample


Scared to try your hand at completing the dummy or mockup of your newspaper? Completing your newspaper design doesn’t have to be that complicated if you follow the basic steps we have gathered and if you have a professional layout artist working with you.

11. Newspaper Template

The newspaper templates on the website which you can use and print to save time are also very helpful, so download, edit, customize and print away!

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