How to Create a Roll-Up Banner [10+ Templates]


The roll-up banner is an easy to use marketing tool, that can be used multiple times in many different ways. It can be used in events to promote products and services. It can be placed in and around your office, workplace, and event locations. Simply put, it is a very versatile marketing tool.

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4 Steps to Make a Roll-Up Banner

Step 1: Use a roll-up banner template

Using a template is the easiest way to create a roll-up banner. Roll-up banner templates will serve as a guide and will help you to properly manage and maximize the use of the limited space roll-up banners have. Remember, the template only serves as a guide. The final design and layout will be up to you.

Step 2: Gather all needed information

Roll-up banners can be used for many types of marketing. Know what kind of information you need and compile them all. Is this for general marketing? Is this for a specific product or service? Is this for a seasonal promotion? Your business banner will be answering these questions, so make sure you know what information to provide.

Step 3: Choose your color combinations

Make sure that your color combination complements your company and the product or service that you are advertising. If it is for a seasonal product or service, make sure that you choose the right colors to represent both the season and the product. If you are adding images, make sure that the colors do not clash with the image.

Step 4: Finalize the layout

The smallest detail can spell the difference between success and mediocrity. Make sure to add only the most important details in your roll-up banner. The space in the roll-up banner is limited. Be sure to use this limited space efficiently and effectively. Adding images will also help your banner look more enticing.

10+ Roll-Up Banner Templates

1. Product Launch Roll-Up Banner Template

product launch roll up banner template1Download

Launching a new product or even pushing sales on an existing product can be tough. This task, however, can be made easier by using this product launch roll-up banner template. Carefully designed with product placements in mind, this banner will surely make your products stand out.

2. Gym Roll-Up Banner Template

gym roll up banner template1Download

Keep your community fit and healthy by promoting your gym. This powerful gym roll-up banner is sure to bring gym goers to your doorstep. Made especially for gyms like yours, this cool banner will surely have heads turning. Watch fitness enthusiasts make their gains, while you gain more gym members!

3. Travel Agency Roll-Up Banner Template

travel agency roll up banner template1Download

Travel season is nearing, and you need to tell the world that your rates are simply the best. What better way to advertise you, your travel agency, and all your wonderful new promos than a business roll-up banner? This business banner is sure to have vacationers looking your way!

4. Security Services Roll-Up Banner Template

security services roll up banner templateDownload

Secure your top position by making sure that you advertise your security company. Make your self known by using this security service roll-up banner. This flexible marketing tool is perfect for any and all of your marketing needs. Never get caught off guard and show off your security service with this roll-up banner!

5. Product Roll-Up Banner Template

product roll up banner template1Download

Marketing has never been easier. Using this product roll-up banner template, you will surely be able to make an amazing roll-up banner. The simplicity is simply eye-catching. This roll-up banner template is easy to use. Download now and you’ll be making roll-up banners for any and all of your products.

6. Mobile App Promotion Roll-Up Banner Template

mobile app promotion roll up banner templateDownload

You just developed a new mobile app that you know is going to be the next big thing, but you have no idea how to market it? Well, its time to mobilize your mobile app promotion banner. Let your clients know that your mobile up is up and ready to go!

7. Clean Style Roll Up Banner Template

clean style roll up banner templateDownload

Clean, simple, yet effective. This roll-up banner template is fit for any service that you could possibly offer. The spacing is adequate enough to hold varied and detailed information on both your company and the services that you offer. Simply download this roll-up banner template and edit to your heart’s content.

8. Advertisement Roll Up Banner Template

advertisement roll up banner templateDownload

Looking for the right advertising tool can be tough. Roll-up banners are perfect advertising tools because they can be used to promote multiple products, you only have to pay for the printing once, you can bring it around to different sites or events, and it is easy to put away at the end of the day!

9. Photography Roll Up Banner Template

photography roll up banner templateDownload

Help your clients capture that picture perfect moment. Advertise your photography studio by showcasing your skills! What better way to show off than to have your services on a photography roll-up banner? Give them a teaser and watch as people crowd your studio in search for that perfect shot.

10. Multipurpose Roll Up Banner

multipurpose roll up bannerDownload

They say you should use the right tool for the right job. The business roll-up banner is a highly versatile marketing tool. Use it for any and all business related type marketing you need. This multi-purpose roll-up banner template is perfect for any business.

11. Roll-Up Banner Mock-Up

roll up banner mock up1Download

Sometimes, the simpler your style is, the more sophisticated it looks. This business roll-up banner template is the perfect example when it comes to simplistic sophistication. This banner is a perfect way to market any product or service your company has to offer.

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