How to Make a Letterhead in MS Word [10+ Templates]


Letterheads are important, especially between business-to-business transactions. This design is considered as branded messaging. Letterheads generally consist of the business name, address, contact number, logo, and sometimes, a background. In order to reach potential business partners and clients, having your own letterhead is a must. This article will briefly teach you how to make a letterhead in Microsoft Word.

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5 Steps to Make a Letterhead in MS Word

Step 1: Open design software

Letterhead templates are easier to customize using Microsoft Word. The templates in this article are pre-designed with font types, font sizes, graphics, and texts that are easier to edit using the mentioned design software. You have the option of starting from scratch and build a letterhead on your own, but you can also make use of online templates for your convenience.

Step 2: Place your logo

Probably the reason why you are wanting to make a letterhead is for your brand to be recognizable throughout the world. Logos are visual representations of a company and are an essential element for branding. Place your logo at the top of your letterhead, make sure that this is the very first thing a reader may notice.

Step 3: Insert your own details

Take this time to insert your very own details which includes, but is not limited to, your business name and address, contact number, and your social media accounts. Make sure you are posting a working number as misleading details will probably create a bad impression over the potential client. Observe visual hierarchy also when arranging your information.

Step 4: Add design elements

Customize and tweak your colors, fonts, and graphics to match your brand. Don’t be afraid to add design elements just as long as you don’t overdo it. Maybe you can use a geometric shape to highlight the footer of your letterhead or to create a striking header. Use bold colors for your palette but limit it to two.

Step 5: Evaluate and finalize

Do a print preview of your overall letterhead. Check the text alignments and if the details are legible. Ensure also that the design elements balance and compliment each other. When in doubt, keep your letterhead simple. You can also consider asking for the second opinion by showing it to your friends or family. Upon saving your letterhead, it will have an extension file name of “.word”. You now have a letterhead that you can use for legitimate emailing.

10+ Letterhead Templates

1. Painting Contractor Letterhead Template

painting contractor letterhead template1 Download

This Painting Contractor Letterhead Template is for every painter’s letterhead needs. This letterhead design template features vibrant colors that are sure to attract every artistic person’s eyes. The background is simple and neat, with texts that are aligned at the bottom right giving you much working space in the middle for lengthy texts.

2. Real Estate Letterhead Design

real estate letterhead template1 Download

Looking for a letterhead that will fit your realtor needs? Here’s our Real Estate Letterhead Template. This template is easy to customize and editable using Microsoft Word. The template features a minimalist layout, making it perfect for professional business transactions. Download this template now and be assured of a quality letterhead.

3. IT Company Letterhead Template

it company letterhead template2 Download

If you are working in an IT company, then this IT Company Letterhead Template is just the right one for you. Make legal business transactions between clients and customers by having this letterhead template. The vectors are customizable and it features a two-tone color set which is pleasing to the sight without taking away attention to the texts.

4. Business Letterhead Design

business letterhead template1 Download

Letterheads are one of the most useful branding element any business could have. If you don’t have the luxury of time to make one, download our Business Letterhead Template. This template can be used for any type of business and is customizable through various design software including Microsoft Word.

5. Advertising Consultant Letterhead

advertising consultant letterhead template1 Download

If you are in the field of business, you would always need a trusted office stationary for any business transaction. Download this Advertising Consultant Letterhead Template and be assured of a professional and legitimate-looking letterhead template. This template features a bigger working space as the letterhead is strategically layout at the bottom.

6. Restaurant Letterhead Template

restaurant letterhead template411 Download

Get this Restaurant Letterhead Template for your restaurant stationary needs. This template is perfect for transactions between customers and potential clients in the food-making industry. This competent-looking template will surely grant you good feedback from the readers itself. This template is customizable with elements that are easy to edit.

7. Free Business Marketing Letterhead

free business marketing letterhead template Download

This Free Business Marketing Letterhead Template will give you confidence between business-to-business transactions. This template is convenient to edit and can be customized on multiple design software. Download this letterhead template now and be assured of a professional and classic looking letterhead that can deliver a good impression.

8. Personal Letterhead Template

free personal letterhead template Download

If you are looking for a letterhead template for your personal needs, then consider our Free Personal Letterhead Template. This template is perfect for every busybody who is wanting personal stationery with a touch of their brand. Letterheads are important for individuals who want to promote something personal as it helps them with their brand recognition and in building relationships with clients.

9. Clean and Minimalist Letterhead Template

clean and minimalist letterhead1 Download

Want a letterhead but don’t want to get artsy with it? Not a problem. Check out this Clean and Minimalist Letterhead Template. With just the right amount of design elements in the right places, this is the perfect letterhead for the minimalist. Approach clients and business partners with this professional-looking letterhead.

10. Corporate Letterhead Example

corporate letterhead example Download

Transactions in the corporate world would require you to have a professional approach towards it. Download this Corporate Letterhead Template for your business needs. It has a high-quality layout and it comes along with graphics files that are convenient to edit and customize.

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