How to Make a Music Concert Event Ticket [7+ Templates]


Going to concerts can be exciting and may become an eye-opening experience for those who are able to attend. Concert tickets are important in the sense that they provide special privileges to the holder of it. It also helps organizers to come up with an easier method of monitoring the entire concert activity, and crowd control too. With this article, learn how to make a music concert event ticket template in five easy steps.

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5 Steps to Make a Music Concert Event Ticket

Step 1: Determine what are the ticket inclusive

Determine what the special privileges are that comes along with your ticket. The modern concert tickets are differentiated by the price. The expensive tickets include privileges such as meet and greet passes, foods and drinks, and some merchandise. So it is important to be able to determine firsthand what are the ticket inclusive.

Step 2: Download a ticket template

Well yes, tickets may be easy to make using the right design software, but it takes a professionally-made one for it to be an effective concert ticket. The section below features music concert event ticket templates that are pre-designed with texts, graphics, and design that can be easily edited using your mobile device or desktop.

Step 3: Edit template

These templates already have built-in texts but these texts can be easily replaced or changed. Make sure to answer what, when, and where in your ticket. You can also type in other details such as the prize of the ticket or the terms and conditions of their ticket. You can also edit some illustrations or designs in your template.

Step 4: Add branding elements

The modern tickets now include branding elements on the print. Do you have sponsors for your concert event? Gather those brand logos and incorporate them strategically into your template. You can also include your group’s personal logo and place it on the top-center part of the ticket.

Step 5: Print your ticket template

Music concert event tickets may be very sentimental to others and some might want to collect it as a memorabilia for the event. So it’s best to make your ticket worth-keeping as possible. Print your ticket on a thick stock paper for durability. You have the option of choosing either a glossy paper or a matte one. You can also try out some unique printing methods for a more unique ticket.

7+ Music Concert Event Ticket Templates

1. Music Concert Event Ticket

music concert event ticket template 440x570 1 Download

Looking for a music concert event ticket template? This template right here can be the answer to your needs. With its pre-designed texts, graphics, and layout that is easy to customize, you can be assured of a user-friendly template. Enjoy this template using various design software such as Microsoft Word.

2. Free Music Concert Ticket Sample

free music concert ticket template 440x570 1 Download

Get this accessible Free Music Concert Ticket Template for any concert ticketing needs you may have. This ticket has a simple layout and design but this is very effective to use for simple concert events. It high-quality graphics with scalable vectors that are easy to edit. Download it today!

3. Free Modern Music Concert Ticket

free modern music concert ticket template 440x570 1 Download

Make your concert event the talk of the town with this Free Modern Music Concert Ticket Template. This template is easy to edit, customize, and print. It features a vibrant theme using shades of purple and pink for the colors. This template can be downloaded and edited using various design software.

4. Music Night Event Ticket Template

music night event ticket Download

Make concerts more special and memorable with this Music Night Event Ticket Template. Use this template for an effective ticket template that can serve more than just its purpose. This template has high quality colors, a unique layout, and graphics that are in high resolution. Grab this pop-themed music concert event template now.

5. Music Concert Ticket Template

concert ticket template preview 1 Download

This ticket template can be very effective and may suit very well with music events. Our Music Concert Ticket Template uses clean and readable fonts to make it easier to look at. This template can be customized in many ways since it uses an easy layout and scalable vectors to make editing the graphics much easier.

6. Music Concert Ticket Template

music concert ticket Download

Want an electronic music-themed concert ticket template? Look no further and download this Music Concert Ticket Template. This template can be customized and edited in various ways using different design software. Easily edit built-in texts with its simple layout and have a music concert event ticket template that you’re gonna be confident to hand out.

7. Cool Music Event Ticket Template

cool music event ticket template Download

Music is one of the element that binds people together. Concerts for some may be a very memorable experience for them. Help them retain a memory of that event by using this Cool Music Event Ticket Template. This template has a cool layout and high quality graphics to assure you of a ticket that is worth-keeping.

8. Musical Concert Ticket Template

musical concert ticket template preview Download

Gather people from all places using this Musical Concert Ticket Template. This template is catchy and an attention-grabber with its theme that looks like it’s from the Golden Age. This template will allow you to edit the whole layout with ease by using applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

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