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How to Make a Business Roll-Up Banner [10+ Templates]

A good entrepreneur is someone who knows how to effectively advertise a product or service. To do this, you first need to learn the nitty-gritty of creating your own marketing collaterals. And in this article, we will be sharing a step-by-step guide on how to create a business roll-up banner.

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7 Steps on How to Make a Business Roll-Up Banner

A business roll-up banner is a portable printed display showcasing a specific brand, product, topic, business, or service. Learning how to make one is one of the core skills that a start-up entrepreneur can use to help propel his/her brand’s success.

Read the rest of this article for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own business roll-up banner. You will also see multiple examples of printable banner templates embedded below.

Step 1: Choose a theme and layout.

First, you must choose a banner design theme and layout that matches the type of business you are operating and the goal of your marketing campaign. For example, if you want a no-nonsense roll-up banner design that showcases your cafe’s coffee menu list, then it is best to choose a theme that coincides with the rustic or vintage image of your coffee shop.

Step 2: Compile all the visual elements you need to use.

Next, search for and download all the images, font files, illustrations, logo design, and WordArt that you would like to use for your business roll-up banner. Save all these files in one file folder on your computer or mobile device.

Step 3: Craft an engaging ad copy.

Do not forget to craft an engaging sales copy for your business roll-up banner. Tailor your roll-up banner’s content with the type of business marketing campaign you are running. You may also hire a professional copywriter to create all the ad copy for all of your business marketing collaterals.

Step 4: Download a pre-made roll-up banner template.

For an easier banner-making life, select and download a pre-made roll-up banner template that will suit your business or organization. We have included multiple downloadable examples below. Check them out to see which printable banner template designs best matches your business.

Step 5: Customize the template and incorporate branding elements.

Using your preferred graphic design software program, begin customizing your downloadable roll-up banner template. Do not forget to add your own visual branding elements like a business logo, trademark, or letterhead designs.

Step 6: Finalize and save the roll-up banner design.

After personalizing the banner template of your choice, ask another person to review and proofread the entire template design. Correct any mistakes on the text or errors on the images and layout. Then, save the final roll-up banner design on your computer or on a flash drive.

Step 7: It’s printing time.

Business roll-up banners are best printed on a tarpaulin or any similarly durable materials. Take your template file to your local print shop and have it printed there. You will also be asked to choose whether you would like metal, steel, plastic, or PVC banner frames.

10+ Business Roll-Up Banner Templates

Take a look and be inspired by any of the business roll-up banner templates embedded below. Each template is available in various file formats like Apple Pages (Pages), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), and Illustrator (AI).

1. Corporate Roll-Up Banner Template


As its name implies, the Corporate Roll-Up Banner Template shown above has the perfect business roll-up banner design if you want your brand or organization to be treated as a leading expert in your industry. This printable template follows an organized layout with emphasis on simple typography design mixed with high-resolution images.

2. Hair Salon Roll-Up Banner Design


And for those who are operating hair and beauty salons, the Hair Salon Roll-Up Banner Template featured above will allow you to attract more walk-in customers. Its bright color palette makes the banner more pleasing to the eye.

3. Advertisement Roll-Up Banner Template


Need a business banner that is specifically designed for selling products? The Advertisement Roll-Up Banner Template (featured above) may be the right banner template design for you. This advertising banner template follows an intuitively designed block layout that allows you to present multiple product information in one banner design.

4. Business Roll-Up Banner


Choose the Business Roll-Up Banner Template (shown above) if you want a simple banner design. This template is fully customizable so may change up the colors, images, and banner ad text to match them with your brand’s image and marketing goals.

5. Clean Style Roll-Up Banner Example


The Clean Style Roll-Up Banner Template (shown above) is ideal for businesses who want to hook customers with an engaging image and a persuasive call to action from the get-go. Its organized layout also makes this roll-up banner a go-to banner small businesses. In fact, in the banner mockup above, it is used as an education business banner.

6. Fashion Roll-Up Banner Template


Well-designed clothes, shoes, and accessories will work well when incorporated into the Fashion Roll-Up Banner Template featured above. Use this banner template if you are planning to have advertising standee placed right outside your fashion store, boutique, or pop-up shop.

7. Fitness Roll-Up Banner Sample


Gyms and any wellness clubs will find the Fitness Roll-Up Banner Template (embedded above) perfect for any print marketing campaigns that they intend to run. Hospitals, clinics, yoga studios, taekwondo clubs, etc may also use this roll-up banner design. Just make sure to replace the built-in image with a photo of your own establishment, clients, or trainers.

8. Photography Roll-Up Banner Design


In need of a creative yet cost-effective way to advertise your photo studio or photography services? Then check out the Photography Roll-Up Banner Template (featured above). With this multipurpose roll-up banner template, you may add, remove, or modify any text or design element. Don’t forget to add a compelling call to action to make sure that any passerby tries out your services right away.

9. Promotional Roll-Up Banner Template


The Promotional Roll-Up Banner Template (seen above) is another product advertising banner that will allow you to market products or services directly on the banner page. When using this roll-up banner template, remember to use high-quality photos and engaging sales copy to really lure customers to your store.

10. Real Estate Roll-Up Banner Template


Realtors, rejoice! The Real Estate Roll-Up Banner Template (shown above) is the right print marketing property to invest in if you want to advertise your services to a wider range of people. This business roll-up banner template can be placed right outside your real estate office, your house, or even on your conference pop-up booths. Isn’t that great?

11. Modern Business Roll-up Banner

Use the Modern Business Roll-up Banner Template featured above if you want your business roll-up banner to reflect the slightly sophisticated yet playful personality of your brand or organization. Edit the banner template accordingly until it truly reflects what your business is for.

For more free and premium graphic design templates, check out the rest of our website.

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