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How to Make a Funeral Program [10+ Templates]

End-of-life ceremonies need to be undertaken with respect and in accordance with the deceased person’s wishes. It is with this guiding tenet that any funeral program card should be created. And in this article, we will teach you how to apply that in the creation of such programs cards.

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8 Steps on How to Make a Funeral Program

The best funeral programs are those that include a detailed and accurate list of the micro-events that will occur during a funeral service or ceremony. Some versions of obituary programs may also include a list of events that will occur during the wake and the days preceding the actual burial or cremation ceremonies.

Read the short guide below to orient yourself on how to create an effective and accurate funeral program cards.

Step 1: Find out what kind of funeral service will be followed.

First, know what type of funeral service does the family wants or what the deceased person has specified in his/her will or end-of-life directive. This can range from a traditional Catholic burial ceremony to a private cremation service.

Step 2: Choose a program card theme and layout.

Once you know what kind of funeral service will be held, it is easier to choose a design theme and layout for your funeral program card. Most people will choose simple or minimalist card themes that include a neutral color scheme.

Step 3: Select a printing material and paper size.

Next, choose what kind of printing material you want to print your program card on. Also, determine the paper printing size. Tip: Choose high-quality and thick paper or cardstock as they are more durable.

Step 4: Note all the funeral details.

It’s now time to write down all the funeral details and events. This includes the location and time of the funeral ceremony, the funeral repast location and time, the event planner’s contact information, the required attire, and RSVP options. Save all this information in a NotePad.

Step 5: Open an editing software and start creating a program template.

To start the actual program-making process, open any editing software. Begin with a blank document template and follow the card layout that you have chosen earlier.

Step 6: Or, pick and download a pre-made funeral template.

As an alternative, you may choose a pre-formatted funeral program card templates (multiple downloadable examples embedded below). With these templates, you do not need to make a program card design from scratch.

Step 7: Proofread and save the final funeral program design.

After making all your preferred edits to your funeral program template, have another person proofread the document. Save the final template file in a flash drive or in your computer.

Step 8: Prepare for printing.

The last step is to print the funeral program designs using your own printer or at your local print shop. The latter option will allow you to take advantage of more advanced printing techniques but may be more costly.

Wasn’t that easy? Feel free to frequently refer back to the simplified guide above when it’s time for you to start making your own funeral program cards.

10+ Funeral Program Templates

Check out all these downloadable funeral program templates. They are available in different download formats like Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), InDesign (INDD), Microsoft Word (DOC), or Publisher (PUB).

1. Floral Funeral Program Template


Choose the Floral Funeral Program Template shown above if you want a booklet type of event program card. Its design is perfect for family and friends who want to remember the cheerful attitude of the deceased person. The card template’s color palette may be changed to match any end of life directive or the family’s preferences.

2. Funeral Program Bi-Fold Design


With the Funeral Program Bi-Fold Template (featured above), you can write more information and event details into the program card. The bi-fold brochure format makes it ideal for those event planners who want to include as much memorial service details into their program cards.

3. Funeral Program Invitation for Celebrities


Families, estates, and fans of deceased celebrities and famous personalities will like the Funeral Program Invitation Template for Celebrities (shown above) as it features a simple card layout and design. The template design also allows you to include a focal photo on the card cover giving it a more nostalgic feel.

4. Funeral Program Trifold Sample


Need a more compact funeral program card? If yes, then try out the Funeral Program Trifold Template featured above. As its name implies, this memorial service card template can be folded twice and has three panels to write funeral details on. When using this card template, don’t forget to choose high-resolution images so that they will print out well.

5. Memorial Funeral Program Template


For those who want a simpler, single-page funeral program card, the Memorial Funeral Program Template (embedded above) is the one for you. This memorial card template sports a darker color palette that perfectly captures the sadness and solemnity of a person’s death.

6. Simple Funeral Program Template


With the Simple Funeral Program Template (featured above), you do not have to do a lot of customizations since this template has been fully formatted. You just have to replace the text placeholders with the details of your relative’s or friend’s funeral ceremony and you’re done. This template may also be resized to whatever paper printing size and material you prefer. Plus, it can double up as a church program template.

7. Catholic Funeral Program Invitation


If you are planning the funeral service of someone who is Catholic, the Catholic Funeral Program Invitation Template (embedded above) will do the job. This template doubles as program card and an invitation card. Customize it according to your specific needs and preferences.

8. Funeral Program Example


For those who prefer a more modern touch to their funeral program card designs, check out the Funeral Program Template Invitation shown above. This card template design stands out because of its solid color scheme, formal font styles, and square photo placeholder. Use this program and invitation template if you want a no-nonsense ambiance during the funeral service ceremony.

9. Memorial Service Program Template


The Memorial Service Program Template featured above sports a modern and minimalist program card design. It is fully editable and you can change the background color, font styles, font sizes, and even the program wording written on the printable card itself. A tip: Check a color chart first if you wish to change the program template’s background color palette.

10. Obituary Program Invitation Template


Use the Obituary Program Invitation Template (shown above) if you want a professional-looking obituary program card design. Feel free to personalize it to match the deceased person’s preferences or personality. This program template includes a quote placeholder so make it a priority to add an equally appropriate quote or passage.

11. Funeral Program Brochure Template

What sets the Funeral Program Brochure Template (embedded above) is its inclusion of a photo collage of the deceased person and his/her family and friends. Choose this program card template if you wish to remind the funeral attendees of the many happy times with the person who passed away. Don’t forget to use high-resolution photos for this program card template.

Let all the examples of well-designed funeral program card templates help you plan a good funeral service for your loved one. Remember, your program invitation cards do not have to be perfect. Just treat the card-making process as a way to remember this person and the life he/she has shared with you.

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