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You may have noticed the beautiful designs shown on the front of a music album you just bought on record stores or the cutouts pasted on the scrapbook or photo book of your sibling. These little designs that help in the over all impact of the picture are what we call icons.

Album icons as seen on many album covers aid in the delivery of what’s inside a music album or a photo book without the need for so much words. The following free icons for album covers and designs can be your source of different styles and types of icons, which will enhance the appeal of your music or photo album.

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Music Album Icon

music album icon Download

Album Cover Icon

album cover icon Download

Photo Album Icon

photo album icons Download

Album Folder Icon

album folder icon Download

Kinds of Album Icons

Album icons are used by various people for different purposes. To find the most appropriate album icon for your design, the following is a list of the album icons featured in this post:

  • Photo Book Icons – Scrap booking and photo books are a way for people to express their creative side. Students can incorporate these in their school projects or their personal albums. Professionals can use them for creative resumes or portfolios.
  • Music Album Cover Icons – Album covers do not need a lot of text with the exception of the title of the album and the name of the singer.
  • Album Folder Icons – In order for the user to identify the different folders incorporated, there should be a distinctive image or symbol. For file folders, only the symbol of the folder is seen while for multimedia such as picture and videos, the use of these type of album icons will inform the user of the function and composition.
  • Black and White Icons – This is one type of album icon which pertains to the icon design. These icons fit designs that have a black and white design concept. Signage, tarpaulin designs, and particular print media use these type of icons.
  • Flat Design Album Icons – Another icon design type of album icon, these icons are of minimalist nature, adding a simple yet innovative feel on the album design.

Black and White Album Icon

black and white album icon Download

Album Icon for Free

album icons for free Download

Flat Album Icons

flat album icons Download

Reasons for Using Album Icons

The following are the reasons why it is essential to use album icons on designs:

  • Enhances Design Visually – Icons add to the aesthetic appeal of any design. When it comes to album icons, these icons, added to album covers or photo book designs, makes the design pleasant and attractive to the eyes.
  • Saves Space – Since these album icons are not of large, they can be easily managed, resized and styled into the desired appearance. They can form part of little side designs on scrap books or fill a big space on music album covers.
  • Recognized by Anyone – The creation of icons such as album icons are based on actual items related to the function it symbolizes. You can see various types and styles of desktop icons shown on different brands of computers, but when anyone sees these icons, they can immediately tell what it is for.

When it comes to any type of design, having icons can help if you want to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your design. For album cover and photo book designs, you might want to sift through and download the set of album icons that would be most appropriate to your designs.

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