7+ Multimedia – Audio Icons Set


Nowadays, there are quite a lot of different icons available, one of which includes multimedia icons. These can be quite a relevant set of icons, especially now that it is possible to play audio and video on one’s devices wherever they go. If you wanted to develop your own software for playing multimedia, you should find these helpful.

Of course, not all these icons are strictly for interfacing with your media. Some of the available choices here can simply be representative of multimedia, so that you can use them for decorative purposes, above and beyond their immediate use as interface symbols.

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90 Dark Multimedia Icons

90 dark multimedia icons

Black and White Audio  Music Application Icons

black and white audio music application icons

Colorful Multimedia Player Icon Set

colorful multimedia player icon set

Glossy Multimedia Player Icon Set

glossy multimedia player icon set

Audio Music Icons

audio music icons Download

Music and Sound Icons

music and sound icons Download

Uses of these Audio Icons Sets

While some of the icon sets available here can be used for the obvious purpose of letting you control your multimedia files, some of these music icons can be used for more normal purposes, such as:

  • One use is as app icons. Being that these icons are recognizable, they would make for good app icons as their functions could be identified on sight.
  • You could also use the icons as decor, such as for a store or a website, so that people could recognize your functions easily.
  • You could also make the icons into printouts, such as stickers and shirts. This would let you get more out of the icons than just the most basic uses.

Kinds of Multimedia Icon Sets

But before you use these icons, you should know what it is they can do for you first. After all, if not all the icons are quite the same, then you need to know what each icon means to know how to use them best.

  • The most obvious icons here are the media control symbols. These symbols are the same as you can find on media players of all kinds, so you can use them for the same purpose.
  • There are also audio symbols such as headphones, guitars, etc. You can use these precisely for symbolizing music and audio, if that is what you need them for.
  • You can also find video icons such as televisions and cameras. This gives you more choices than if you just had audio icons available.

Multimedia Icons Set

multimedia icons set1 Download

Vector Audio Icons Set

vector audio icons set Download

Audio and Video Player Icons

audio and video player icons Download

Tips for Using these Icon Sets

There are some guidelines when it comes to using different kinds of icons, and that includes multimedia icons. Being that these tips can apply to more than just these icons specifically, they may well help if you ever use other kinds of icons.

  • You may want to choose the icons that best reflect the idea you want to convey, such as a guitar for a music store. Since the icons can make the idea clear, you would want something that can say it at a glance.
  • You also want to keep your design simple. Many of the symbols are easy to understand, so it helps if you simply let the images be. They can get your point across without too much embellishment.
  • It might be advisable for you to get as many individual icons as possible. Being that the icons can serve many purposes, it may help to have as wide a selection as possible so that you always have something you can use.

Other than these sets, there should be other icons that you can find a use for on this website. So feel free to check out the other pages to see if you can find other useful ones.

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