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The heart of social media?or really any media?is the people that use it. It is scientifically proven that there is nothing more attention-grabbing than a human face; even if it is just a digital outline, a few centimeters tall, and mostly blank. This is no reason to lose your name, brand, and identity in the generic, default cyberspace user crowd.

If you are have online property that is all about the networking and being social, you will find this list of great, quirky options just the thing you need. Download and use a set of icons for free and be the first in the crowd to stand out.

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Flat Avatar Icons

flat avatar icons

People Avatar Icons

people avatar icons

Vector Avatar Icons

vector avatar icons

Professional Avatar Icons Set

professional avatar icons set

Fantasy Avatar Icons

fantasy avatar icons

The Principle of Selecting the Best Avatars for Your Users

Forums, bulletins, messaging platforms, chat rooms, and all manner of social media and social networking sites use people icons to attract and keep users. It is critical to not be careless about this bit. Avatars are your users’ anchor to your site or app?it is figuratively themselves in the online realm.

The key idea behind all successful web tools and apps is design meets functionality. The user’s experience will determine whether they come back or not, whether they continue using your service. Your avatar list is a big part of this.

The more options you give your users to express their individual personalities and preferences, the more they will be invested in your site.

This collection of avatar icon sets should give you an invaluable go-to resource for everything to represent the diverse spectrum of people on the Internet.

  • Fantasy Avatars have always been and always will be popular for those with an undying touch of magic and adventure in them. Great for role-playing sites or any similar fantasy-themed site or app.
  • The Flat Avatar and Vector Avatar sets follow the prevailing standards of good icon design: it’s clean-lined and instantly recognizable, with the simplest of details and carefully chosen colors. Perfect for any situation calling for safe but expressive customized anonymity.
  • But if you want some more detail to add that distinct, exciting edge you find in graphic novels, check out the Hand Drawn Avatar Icons.
  • You can see from the Men Avatars, the Women Avatars, and the Business Avatars that basically every distinct point on the spectrum of humanity is represented. They are also versatile for any kind of social site you have going, whether it’s a workplace forum or a dating site.

A successful site is more than a democracy—it is a “fanocracy.” And the only way to get fans is to make sure every personality and walk of life is included.

Hand Drawn Avatar Icons

hand drawn avatar icons

Men Avatar Icons

men avatar icons

Women Avatar Icons

women avatar icons

Business Avatar Icons Set

business avatar icons set

Avatar Character Icons

avatar character icons

How to Use These Icons

Download any set of user icons for free, while some, however, need some basic licensing for you to own the sets. As vector files, you can easily modify and scale them using your favorite imaging software before coding them into your site. You can even use the plain avatars as a base to create your own.

Remember that on any platform that lives and dies on user-generated content, paying attention to user experience is the single best investment to make.

Plus, it’s just a better and more fun experience to not have to deal with blank silhouettes all the time.


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