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On the search for business and office icons? You’re on the right site. We have here a list of business and office icons that will truly help you streamline and improve the management of your business dealings. Every business, be it small-scale or large-scale businesses in terms of coverage, contributes to the economic growth and development of a certain country.

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In line with this, most businesses make use of business icons in order because of various reasons. As an answer to the effects of globalization and increasing interdependence among countries, business icons can be of use to your business. Start scrolling down and see for yourself our set of icons that will surely improvise and style up your designs. Feel free to download your favorite.

Vector Business and Office Icons Set

vector business and office icons setDownload

Business and Office Icons with a Flat Design

flat design business and office iconsDownload

Free PSD Business and Office Icons

free psd business and office iconsDownload

Hand Drawn Business and Office Icons

hand drawn business and office iconsDownload

Flat Rounded Business and Office Icons

flat rounded business and office iconsDownload

Business and Office Line Icons

business and office line iconsDownload

The Three Major Types of Businesses

For the consumers, the type of business is not really a factor because they are only after the materials and things that will satisfy their basic needs and necessities. On the part of the businessmen, they have to decide what type of business they will be venturing into in order to understand the dynamics of the market. Here are some of the major types of businesses:

  • Merchandise business. They are mostly considered as a buy-and-sell business. In this kind of business, they make profit by selling their products at prices different or higher that their purchase price. One of its salient features is selling products without changing the form of the said product.
  • Service business. In here, the business does not provide corporeal or tangible products but performs certain services to the customers. Mostly, they offer their professional skills, advice, and expertise.
  • Manufacturing business. In contrast to the merchandising industry, manufacturing businesses buy certain raw materials in order to come up with a different product. There is indeed a transformation of products. The manufactured goods will now be sold to the customers.

These are just some major types of businesses. There are still more. As you browse through our templates and business icons, you’ll also discover more about them.

Business and Office Stationery Icons

business and office stationery iconsDownload

Professional Business and Office Icons

professional business and office icons1Download


Business and Office Application Icons Set

set business and office application iconsDownload

Web Business and Office Icons

web business and office iconsDownload

Modern Business and Office Icons

modern business and office icons


Easy-to-Download Business and Office Icons

In sum, business and office icons will truly help you in your transactions such as in the fields of marketing and website design. Their vibrant colors and designs are truly attractive. Our icons will make your life more convenient and easy. You must take note that there is more to the icon that meets the eye. If I were you, I will download our templates.

  • Unique and fascinating. It is important that your business icon will stand out. As you can see from our list of templates, the icons are professional and elegant. They are not boring. Our designers ensured that the elements of a ordinary and day-to-day business transactions are incorporated in the designs.
  • High-end design. As you can see, our template icons do not just focus on one color scheme. It offers various designs for you to choose from. We do not give you limits but more options to choose from.
  • High quality and easy to download. You don’t have to worry about the functionality and quality of our icons. They are proven to be high quality. They will surely style up you website or work.

These are just some reasons that make our office icons a great investment for your business.

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