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Searching for cute and dazzling candy icons? You’re on the right track. We have here a list of tasty candy icons that will capture your heart through the sweetness and passion they bring, They will truly elevate your love and interests for sweets and treats.

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Candy icons are used in countless ways. They are easy to design because inherently, they are attractive and one of a kind. Start scrolling down and see for yourself the icons that we offer and will surely improvise and style up your designs. Aside from them, we also offer Free Vector Icons, which are available to download. Feel free to check the pages of Template.net and enjoy!

Candy Bar Icon

candy bar iconDownload

Skull Candy Icon

skull candy iconDownload

Flat Candy Icon Pack

flat candy icon packDownload

Candy Cane Icon

candy cane iconDownload

Candy Heart Icon

candy heart iconDownload

Different Types of Candies

Candies are a representation of the confection that features sugar as a principal element of the treat. Sugar is an indispensable part of a candy. It is also the element of candy that makes them popular. Another element that makes them lovable is their small size and proportion. Many people fancy them because of their cute and innate characteristics.

To know more about them, here are some of the types of candies:

  • Sugar candies. Obviously, the name says it all. Examples of this type of candy are caramels, marshmallows, taffies, and many more. The indispensable element and shining characteristic of this kind of treat is the sugar.
  • Chocolates. Everybody loves chocolates. They are the simple treats in life that will always capture the hearts and appetite of many across time.
  • Crystalline candies. This refers to those candies that integrate small particles of crystals in its creamy structure.
  • Noncrystalline candies. They are said to be homogeneous in nature. It can be chewy or hard.

These are just some major classifications of candies. There are still more. As you browse through our templates, you’ll also discover more about them. You can also check out our Flat UI Icons for your candy games apps, which are also of great quality.

Free Vector Candy Icon

free vector candy iconDownload

Halloween Candy Icon

halloween candy iconDownload

Black and White Candy Icon

black and white candy iconDownload

Sweet Candy Icon

sweet candy iconDownload

Christmas Candy Icon

christmas candy iconDownload

Brief History of Candies

The candy icons available in our website will surely be of use to you. You can use them particularly in terms of product design, website design, and many more. In order to stimulate more your artistic senses, it is best to know the history of our favorite candies. Here are some of the historical highlights of the life of a candy:

  • It was in the middle of the fourth and sixth centuries BCE that the Persians, the Greeks, and the Indians discovered reeds that produce honey without bees.
  • In India, pieces of sugar were produced through boiling sugarcane juice and consumed as “Khand.” It was considered as the original candy.
  • Honey before was used as a substitute for sugar, especially in ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire as a way of preservation of flowers to coat fruits in order to create something similar to a candy.
  • Before the advent of the industrial revolution. Candy and spice were strangely considered as best friends. There was even a candy known as chamber spice.
  • It was only during the late thirteenth century that the word candy was used.

These are just some of the significant highlights on the historical life of the candy. If you want to capture and leave a legacy on the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download them. Aside from that, we also have Calendar Icons you might be interested in.

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