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Having a hard time looking for icons? Looking for more interesting and well-designed company icons? You’re on the perfect site. We have here an array of company icons that will truly help kick start your company’s dynamics and transactions.

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Icons are essential part of most user interfaces. They convey emotions and ideas in a cool and creative manner. Start scrolling down and see for yourself. If icons are applied in consonance to the overall idea of the design, it will definitely provide your readers a higher level of website experience. Hence, our set of icons will surely improvise and style up your designs. Feel free to check out what we have here and enjoy!

Vector Company Icons

vector company iconsDownload

Company and Business Icons

company and business iconsDownload

Insurance Company Icons

insurance company iconsDownload

Construction Company Icons

construction company iconsDownload

Flat Line Company Icons

flat line company iconsDownload

Types of Icons

Icons are considered as a visual representation of an object, action, or a certain idea. For instance, companies adopt certain values, policies, and standards that serve as the bases in every transaction it takes. In order to fully understand our icons, here are some of the three basic types of icons:

  • Icons with conflicting meanings. This refers to icons that are very hard to interpret because its meaning varies upon application. The functionality of these said icons vary from app to app.
  • Universal icons. In contrast to icons with conflicting meanings, these icons have meanings that are universally accepted. Examples of these icons are the Print and Search icons.
  • Unique icons. Research considers them to be low in terms of visual representation. It is because they are more inclined to represent abstract designs. These icons are not that familiar to the user and hence can cause confusion.

That is why you should know the type of icon you are dealing with in order to convey the right message to your users. An icon will make a complete sense and meaning when you know what is its purpose and relevance. Aside from our list of company icons, we also have business icons, which are also of great quality and design.

Abstract Company Icons

abstract company iconsDownload

Clothing Company Icons

clothing company iconsDownload

Software Company Icons

software company iconsDownload

Office and Management Icons

office and management iconsDownload

Practical Tips in Dealing with Company Icons

Like company logos, icons are also fundamental in a certain company. They also represent the brand and identity of the company. Dealing with icons can be tricky sometimes. To help you with that, here are some practical tips that you may use to effectively use them:

  • Add labels to your icons. If your company plans to adopt an abstract or unique icon, always add labels in order to clarify its use. By doing this, you can avoid confusions and conflicting interpretations. Unique icons are not really that bad. They are even creative and users will love them along the way.
  • Clarity is the key. Always ensure that your interface is clear. Also, use icons that are of high quality. In line with this, our icons will surely help you out.
  • The position of the icon is critical. Research studies shows that the functionality of an icon also depends on its position or location. Position them in a way that is easy for the users. Put yourself on the shoes of the readers and users of your website.

Hence, these are just some of the practical tips in dealing with icons. Aside from them, we also have SEO icons, which are also of great quality and definition. Feel free to browse through our ever-growing collections and enjoy your stay at Template.net!


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