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9+ Set of Cooking Icons

Cooking is a great hobby for aspiring chefs and moms at home. It’s easy to get cooking your own cooking show these days. Just get a recipe and go live on YouTube or Facebook and ta-da! You’ve got your own cooking show. If you prefer other ways to enrich your cooking hobby like opening up your own cafeteria or go big like setting up your own restaurant, these food icons below might be of good use to you.

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Discover your inner chef by getting started on your cooking menu or toss in a few icons for your own cooking cookbook with our set of hand-drawn to chalkboard cooking icons below.

Hand Drawn Cooking Icons

Vector Cooking Icons Set

Kitchen and Cooking Icons

Food and Cooking Icons

Flat Cooking Icons

Did you know that images such as restaurant icons boost your customer’s appetite for food?  Here are some top tips to know when designing your dining atmosphere for better appetite and eating experience:

Use the Psychology of Colors

Colors play a vital role in increasing restaurant orders and ultimately revenues. In the psychology principle, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow create pleasant and stimulating energy, so the potential for the customer to order more is high compared to dark colors like grey and black depict negative ambiance. It is proven that the color red sharpens the appetite.

Decorate a Close-to-Home Atmosphere

This means to keep high tech dining to a minimum as the more technology there is in a restaurant, the less likely people would order or eat. You may notice some places with a cabin like interior or a shack with traditional pieces which makes it an even inviting atmosphere to dine in.

Have a Well-Lighted and Ventilated Area

Having well-lighted and ventilated areas mirrors a pleasant dining experience and with enough warm and cool lighting. You can hide interior flaws and make room for dining interaction. Wide glass windows are also a great way for customers to be relaxed while dining.

Cooking Sketch Icons

Cooking Line Icons Set

Fruit and Cooking Icons

Cooking Utensils Icons

Printable Cooking Icons

Add a Pleasant Aroma

Scented flowers that are pollen-free or mildly scented candles and table linen makes a refreshing atmosphere for customers. It is said that the human being is able to 10,000 variations of smell.

Keep and Maintain Satisfying Sounds

I’m not just talking about adding a background music, maintaining an ambient space for dining includes regulating sounds heard by dining customers. Kitchen preparation sounds should be kept to a minimal as much as possible, and there should only be one genre of music like bossa nova for fine dining restaurants.

What We Offer

Now that you know how design increases or decreases customer appetite, it’s time to take a look at a few kitchen icons that we have in our list. Our kitchen icons include the following kitchenware:

  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Cooking pots and pans
  • Ladles
  • Blenders and other mixers
  • Baking oven and tools
  • Vegetables
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Chef hats and aprons
  • Cookbook and cooking ingredients
  • Table napkins and place mats

It is a known fact that cooking is good for the brain, just like how our ancestors discovered fire, and it also encourages socialization since we don’t have to grind and tear so much raw food since the meat can be tenderized by boiling and other methods of cooking. For more cooking vectors, read other posts published on our website.

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