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9+ Cool Icons – PSD, Vector EPS

If you’re a tech person, you understand that design is key. This “functionality meets design” philosophy is crucial to an attractive, user-friendly website.

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Along with configurations, widgets, and a color theme, you also need a good set of icons to complete your layout. Icons are those little graphic symbols representing some program or function on your application or website. They are small but crucial details, and it helps to survey your top-quality free offers before rushing into anything.

Whether you’re coding an online media startup or if you’re upgrading your blog, this collection of free vector icons might just give you that perfect final touch.

Cool Desktop Icons


Cool Folder Icons


Cool Business Icons


Cool Party Icons


Cool App Icons


The Keys of Cool Icon Design

As the Apple company understood, users aren’t going to judge your app based on your elegant code or how much APIs you jam into it; they are going to judge your app based on the experience of using it.

This boils down to the elements of user experience: how much you enable them to do using your app, how well it delivers on those promises, and how it makes them feel.

Remember that a bad icon is one of the top 3 reasons why apps get rejected.

Since the icons are often the first thing people will notice or use on your app, you have to make sure you give it all the attention you can.

Make it stand out, make it instantly recognizable, and make it look good. Focus on these basic traits of a good app icon:

  • A unique shape that properly represents its function
  • Symbols instead of photos
  • Carefully chosen colors
  • Fewer details (when in doubt, go with less – less color, less text)

Still lost?

These “cool” icons keep these keys of good icon design in mind. They are professionally made and can be downloaded for free or licensed at a reasonable amount. You can use our sets as app or web icons and give you a solid head-start while you are still figuring the rest of this out. Feel free to use them as they are, or use them as base templates or inspiring points of reference.

Cool Vector Icons


Cool Music Icons


Cool Computer Icons


Cool Social Media Icons

How to Use These Icons

  • Select an icon set suited to your needs. If you’re coding in a social media tab on your blog, use the cool social media icons. If you’re running a music company, the cool music icons is a nice option. If you’re building an operating system, the desktop icons and folder icons might be a good place to start.

There are also icon sets for specific uses for you to take advantage of depending on your niche purposes—there’s the cool party icons and one for business.

  • If you plan on mixing icons from different sets, make sure they match.

You’ll notice some designs are “flat” and others are “skeuomorphic” (realistic). Try not to clash the two types too much. When in doubt, flat icon designs are the most common and user-friendly option for app icons.

These files are available to download as PSD files or EPS vector formats, so you might try modifying them a bit before using them. Make sure they are the right size and format for your operating system’s icon library.

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