9+ Beauty Cosmetic Icons


Physical or outer beauty has always been regarded, especially by women, to be an aspect that is needed to be well taken cared of. There are a lot of beauty products or cosmetics that are already out in the market that help women be in their most beautiful by enhancing their features and adding a character to how they look like through the use of different beauty items.

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These items range from lipsticks up to the different colors of nail polishes. There are a lot of products that are considered as necessities by women in terms of the beauty department, so arranging them can be quite a hard task to do. Our set of icons can help you with just that.

Beauty and Cosmetic Icons

beauty and cosmetic iconsDownload

Makeup and Cosmetic Icons

makeup and cosmetic iconsDownload

Vector Spa and Cosmetic Icons

vector spa and cosmetic iconsDownload

Hand Drawn Cosmetic Icons

hand drawn cosmetic iconsDownload

Flat Cosmetic Icons

flat cosmetic iconsDownload

A few of our cosmetic product icons as part of sets we offer are as follows:

  • Clippers
  • Hair scissors
  • Face foundations
  • Different kinds of make-up brushes
  • Nail polishes
  • Lipsticks
  • Highlighter sticks
  • Hair combs and brushes
  • Perfume bottles
  • Travel organizers for cosmetic products
  • Beauty organizers
  • Lip gloss
  • Lotions
  • Beauty kits and pouches
  • Face sponge
  • Eye shadows and eye liners
  • Beauty cream

Think of the items that you use to enhance your beauty and our icons have it. There are a lot of other icons of cosmetic products that are all ready to download for your specific purpose of use. Should you be interested in fashion as you are with cosmetics, browse through our fashion icons and get to download them too.

These icons are representations of what is being used by women and a few men of today. Familiarize with all of them and then use them on whatever purpose you want. Their sizes can be adjusted so their functionality is wider than just being small icons for tiny project ideas.

Cosmetic Perfume Icons Set

cosmetic perfume icons setDownload

Cosmetic Packaging Icons

cosmetic packaging iconsDownload

Cosmetic Line Icons

cosmetic line iconsDownload

Woman Cosmetic Icons Set

woman cosmetic icons setDownload

Our beauty cosmetic icons can be of help in circumstances like the following:

  • The icons that you can download here can be used as design items for a beauty salon ‘s banner and interiors. They are of different colors and themes so it is not hard to look for the specific item that you want to use for your design idea.
  • A beauty salon can benefit again by using these icons to label their stocks. Some boxes are not transparent so you need to have a label for each for the purpose of easier location should a specific item be needed. Our icons can just help you with that. Just print the icons and use the specific icon of the product that is inside the box. Just paste it outside the box and stock them again wherever you store your items.
  • Women at home can also use it for the same purpose. You can label your beauty kits and pouches with our icons depending on what is inside them. This will help you to be more organized in terms of keeping your beauty cosmetics and can also help their shelf life to last longer. Further damages in your cosmetics can also be refrained if you are going to stock the same products together and label them properly.

If you think that you need more items related to beauty than what is already in our downloadable beauty cosmetic icons, you can browse through our other beauty icons.

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