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Searching for document icons? Having a hard time looking for such icons? You’re on the right track. We have here an array of document icons that will truly help elevate your overall website experience.

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Icons make a certain interface interesting, unique, and creative. They convey emotions and ideas in a visual and animated manner. It is a must that you get to know and love your icons in order for them to work their magic. Hence, our icons will surely improvise and style up your designs. Aside from them, we also offer and provide other set of icons with amazing themes and designs. Feel free to find what you need here and enjoy!

Flat Document Icons

flat document iconsDownload

Office Document Icons

office document iconsDownload

Management Document Icons

document management iconsDownload

Filetype Document Icons

filetype document iconsDownload

A Variety of Documents

There are various types of documents used with respect to certain processes, activities, and transactions. They are mostly a classified according to their purpose and use. In terms of business related documents, here some types of documents that are worth knowing:

  • Reports. This pertains to information that follows a certain prescribed format. It is also formal in nature. It covers various topics such as sales figures, financial data, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Letters. It is used as a means of correspondence and communication. In businesses, it is mostly used to communicate with the customers.
  • E-mails and memorandums: This is used to convey information an announcements in a certain department or office. Before the use of e-mails, memos are used to disseminate important company policies and notices. Nowadays, both of them are used by businesses and other institutions.
  • Contracts. It is a type of document that embodies a certain agreement which binds the contracting parties. In legal parlance, there are also contracts that become enforceable to the courts, especially contracts that involve public interests.

These are just some of the documents that are commonly used in certain transactions. Aside from them, we also have office icons which are also of great quality and design. Feel free to check them out and download them.

Vector Document Icons Set

vector document icons setDownload

Business Document Icons

business document iconsDownload

Word Document Icons

word document iconsDownload

Line Document Icons

line document iconsDownload

Document Presentation Icons

document presentation iconsDownload

How to Design Icons

Selecting the suitable icon for your interface is not that easy. Designing an icon is already another story. In order to satisfy your curiosity on how icons are designed, here are some practical tips in designing icons:

  • Do extensive research. Designing icons is not just about selecting the right color. You need to familiarize yourself with the various types of icons and also the accompanying meanings behind them.
  • Always aim for a simple and schematic design. According to research, it is more advisable to focus more on the basic characteristics of the object. If you’ll use intricate details, ensure that you can give justice to its important details and aspects.
  • Know the five-second rule. This rule means that if it took you five seconds to think of an appropriate icon, it is less likely that such icon can effectively convey a certain message. It is a rule that icons should make the life of the users more easy and convenient.

These are just some of tips that you may use in designing your own icons. For now, you can download and use our document icons as your reference. Aside from them, you can also check out our business icons, which are also of great quality and design. To access them, just click on the provided link.



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