7+ Set of Donation Icons

Donation icons are a set of icons that provide information about the different processes that are involved in the act of donation. There are many ways that donation icons may be used either as an informational tool or as a design material. If you use a donation icon, you need to make sure that you are aware of the kind of donation activity, program, material or discussion the donation icon will be associated with.

This post features a collection of donation icons that you may use in a variety of purposes. The designs of the donation icons that you may download from this article differ from one another so you can easily select the donation icon that is appropriate for your project.

Charity & Donation Icons Set



Blood Donation Icons



Donation Category Icons



Polygonal Blood Donation Icons



Where Can You Use Donation Icons?

Donation icons can be greatly used in different kinds of charitable activities or in creating materials that will be helpful in spreading awareness about the impact that donations can provide. A few ways on how you can use different kinds of donation icons are as follows:

  • You can use donation icons in designing the envelope in which monetary donations can be placed. This can be used by non-profit organizations to spread their branding so that more people will be aware of the causes that they champion even just by looking at the donation icon that the organization will use.
  • Donation icons can also be used to design the materials that non-profit organizations use, like brochures and other informational tools. The usage of donation icons has been widely spread as they can serve as info graphics that can help people better understand about the processes of donation and how it can help different entities.
  • Donation icons can also be attached to a presentation in which the subject of donation is the main focus of discussion. Using charity themes and templates together with donation icons in stating facts, figures, and processes can make it visually interesting and more informative.

Cartoon Donation Icons



Donation Flat Color Icons



Simple Set of Donation Icons



Charity & Donation Flat Icons Set

Charity & Donation Flat Icon Sets


Different Kinds of Donation Icons

Since there are different ways on how donation icons may be used, there are also variations in the designs that can be used with these icons. A few samples of donation icons are as follows:

  • Charity and donation icons set represent the processes that are involved in the donation cycle which starts with the giving of donation, the assessment of the different kinds of donation, and the ways that the donations are used.
  • Blood donation icons are used in different materials that provide information about a blood donation activity. It is very essential to use blood donation icons as it propagates full understanding of the activity taking place. More so, it can also help people to associate the icon to the organization that executes the activity.
  • Cartoon donation icons can be used by institutions in creating materials that are appealing and easy to understand. It can be given out to students and other young people so they can be more interested in participating in donation programs.

You can also use money icons in designing a donation material especially if the donation that you would like to have is in monetary value.

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