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9+ Set of Doodle Icons

A doodle is basically a form of writing by means of just scribbling. On another note, it could also be a form of art used in simplifying detailed drawings and representations. Often, it is used to create shortcuts to better represent articles in a more elaborate manner.

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Doodles are often added as symbols for better understanding as well as retaining information. It also represents what could hardly be expressed and portrayed in words. To doodle practically means to provide for meaning to words not easily said. It could also come as a form of creativity as there are things that are just well represented in set of icons.

Hand Drawn Doodle Icons


Social Media Doodle Icons

Vector Doodle Icons

Business Doodle Icons


Many Applications of Doodling

Creating doodles can be expressed in different ways and in different aspects. There are those done by use of hands, and some are done virtually through online applications. Here are some uses of creating doodles, to name a few:

  • Creative art. For purposes of creative art, hand-drawn types of doodle express more on the artistic preference of the person doing it. It does not necessarily come with a pattern. It is more of being creative and imaginative far beyond compare of regular and well-drawn artworks. One gets to choose if such a doodle comes in detailed designs or simplified creations.
  • Art journalism. When words could no longer describe something that is worth expressing in the field of art journalism, creating doodles could be one way of dealing with it. It becomes a more entertaining task when we talk about different topics and simplify them using symbols and representations.
  • Social media. The social media is an appropriate outlet to share and express doodle artworks. It may branch out from creative art, but there are specific icons in social media that are being expressed through doodles. It could also come as a form of a more entertaining way of being active on social media.

The various creative ways of expressing doodle could always come in either hand-drawn icons or in virtually created icons through the applications we are all capable of using today.

Money Doodle Icons

Investment Doodle Icons


Education Doodle Icons


SEO Doodle Icons

The Many Styles of Doodling

Creating doodle applies to almost everything. From simplifying class notes, minutes of meetings, artist preferences, and a list of a lot more, anything else can just be simplified up to one’s satisfaction. It may not often satisfy formalities; however, it gets things done easier than committing to more detailed artworks and representations. Creating doodle also varies depending on its styles a few to mention are the following:

  • Zentangle doodle is creative doodle in forms of well-controlled patterns in repeated steps that come up with an image for as long as the artist pleases. There are no limits to this style and your own pattern will create your own expression.
  • Zendoodle is in many ways similar to zentagle doodling, but this style offers its edge with colors and fill shapes with different patterns in them. This style could also come in 3D portraits.
  • Stendoodle uses stencil as its foundation for the entire creative doodle. This type of stencil is basically just filling bigger stencils with a few more smaller ones.

Doodles can be anything you want to create. It could be sketch icons appropriate for any of your interest!

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