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8+ Set of Drinks Icons

Searching for well-designed drinks icons? You’re on the right track. We’ve provided you here with an array of drink icons that are of great quality and definition. Drinks and beverages are a complement to a tasty and satisfying meal. Your overall meal experience would not be complete without them.

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Like any other icons, drink icons also come in various shapes and sizes. In line with these, there should be no room for stress. The set of icons that we offer will help you make your work graphically presentable and outstanding. Start scrolling down and see for yourself the various drink icons that will surely capture the hearts of your regulars.

Food and Drinks Icons


Vector Drinks Icons

Hand-Drawn Drinks Icons

Alcoholic Drinks Icons Set


Soft Drinks Icons

Different Types of Drinks

By definition, a drink is a type of liquid that human can consume for the growth and development of the body. There are needed by the body in order to avoid dehydration. In order to appreciate more our drink icons, it is a must to get to know them. Here are some types of drinks and beverages:

  • Juice. This drink comes in many varieties as per fruits or vegetables. Examples of this type of drink are orange juices, strawberry juices, and carrot juices. They are indeed rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Tea. This is in line with those drinks that are made through pouring boiled water over certain types of leaves, herbs, and substances. They also promise advantageous health benefits.
  • Coffee. In terms of preparation, they have a couple of similarities with teas. Most countries around the world have their own style and way of brewing or making delicious coffees.
  • Beer. This is an example of an alcoholic beverage. It is considered as one of the oldest beverages on earth. There are also different ways of brewing beers.
  • Hard alcohol. These are considered as the most potent form of alcohol because sometimes they exceed 40 percent alcohol in terms of volume.

These are just some of types of drinks that you should know. If you’re interested with food icons, we also have some templates for you.

Party Drinks Icons

Handdrawn Food and Drinks Icons

Flat Drinks Icons Set


Food and Beverage Icons


Purpose of Drink Icons

Going back to the reason why drink icons are made, what is evident is that they are made to represent and at the same time promote and sell a certain product. They are used not because of their commonality, familiarity, and simple proportions but because of deeper reasons. Here are some of the reasons we’ve gathered from researches:

  • Food and beverage industries. Fast-food stores, restaurants, drinking pubs, and other places that sells or promotes a certain drink can definitely make use of our icons. You can use them as designs in their respective websites.
  • Used by applications and gadgets. There are also famous mobile app games that uses such icons such as arcade and cooking games. They are great modes of promoting the web application because of their vibrant color scheme.
  • Any other industry can literally use them. It can be used in any industry because it is very easy to associate objects and meanings into it.

Indeed, you should not miss our drink icons. Take note that they are not just your ordinary icons. You can use them to elevate your web page in terms of website designing. You can also check out our party icons, which are also of great quality.

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