9+ E-commerce Icons Pack


Businesses are now moving their operations online. With more and more people preferring to do their shopping online, it makes sense that stores make their presence felt in the World Wide Web so they get a portion of that audience. E-commerce sites have been a great help for businesses trying to establish an online store.

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E-commerce sites use icons so that space meant for words would be occupied by icons. And our site has them in droves. In fact, a set of icons can be found and used on these sites, such as a checkout icon, a bank card icon, etc., and these icons are sometimes offered as a package.

Shopping and E-Commerce Icons

shopping and e commerce iconsDownload

Vector E-Commerce Icons Set

vector e commerce icons setDownload

Flat E-Commerce Icons

flat e commerce iconsDownload

Minimalist E-Commerce Icons

minimalist e commerce iconsDownload

Business and E-Commerce Icons

business and e commerce iconsDownload

E-commerce Facts

Doing things online is the new trend these days. Almost anything now is automated and can be done in the comfort of one’s home. Buying and selling stuff is no exception. Online stores have popped out the past years, and their numbers are growing year after year. You may be thinking of starting one of your own. Here are some facts about this trend that you might want to know:

  • Potential buyers do extensive research on a product before they buy. Consumers have become concerned with the value of their money, and so they research a product before buying it. They read product reviews and visit as much as three websites before making a decision.
  • More people are shopping online. Online shopping has grown so much in recent years, and it is expected to keep on growing steadily.
  • Shoppers would most likely abandon their cart when they realize there is no free shipping.
  • E-commerce sites use marketing icons so customers can immediately tell what it is. Thirteen milliseconds is all it takes for the brain to process an image.
  • Most online shoppers believe they get better value when shopping online than going to a physical store to shop.

Colorful E-Commerce Circle Icons

colorful e commerce circle iconsDownload

E-Commerce Concept Icons Set

e commerce concept icons setDownload

E-Commerce and Money Icons

e commerce and money iconsDownload

E-Commerce Marketing Icons

e commerce marketing iconsDownload

Hand Drawn E-Commerce Icons Set

hand drawn e commerce icons setDownload

Business Icons as Marketing Tools

More and more businesses are using icons so that they gain brand recognition more easily. These business icons immediately grab the attention of the users. When doing online business, you may want to use icons more effectively so that they do exactly what they are supposed to and be a good marketing tool at the same time.

  • The brain processes images way faster than it does words. Oftentimes, icons become so familiar that they become associated with certain actions. You don’t need words to tell consumers what to do. Just their recognition of the icon is enough to lead them through the purchasing process.
  • Icon designs are constantly changing. Icons used to be so simple back in the day. Nowadays, icons are created to suit your brand. E-commerce sites have icons that make users take action such as checkout, shop, move stock, etc.

These days, selling and buying stuff online is possible because of e-commerce websites. These sites use icons, and there are quite a number of them such as icons for cart or shopping bag, checkout, delivery, and so on. These icons act as instructions for your consumers, and they are easily recognizable and are very useful in your online business.


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