10+ Set of Farm Icons Pack


Having a hard time looking for a high-quality farm icons? No need to worry, folks! You’ve come to the right page. Farm icons are everybody’s favorite especially those who love to see the abundance of nature. That is why we give you an array of farm icon template designs for your convenience for your free-range farm website, your farm-themed blog, and even used as logos or labels in your community farmers’ market.

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Across time, farms has been associated with food production. It is where our healthy, fresh, and nutritious foods come from. From farm animals to vibrant fruits and vegetables and field icons, these are just some of our design icons for you.

Vector Farm Icons

vector farm iconsDownload

Flat Farm Icons

flat farm iconsDownload

Agriculture and Farm Icons

agriculture and farm iconsDownload

Farm Gardening Icons

farm gardening iconsDownload

Hand Drawn Farm Icons

hand drawn farm iconsDownload

Farm Animal Icons Set

farm animal icons setDownload

A Diversity of Farm Icons

As the vastness and abundance of nature, our farm icons comprise of diversified styles and items. Here are some of our featured design icons:

  • Vector farm icons
  • Flat farm icons
  • Agriculture and farm icons
  • Farm gardening icons
  • Hand drawn farm icons
  • Farm Animals Icons Set
  • Farm Fields Icons
  • Round Farm Icons Set
  • Retro Farm icons
  • Farm harvesting and agriculture icons
  • Farm domestic animals icons

These are just some of our designs that you can use. Also, even farm icons have retro and modern designs.

For the retro designs, you can see that the quality is high and brilliant. It will really create an aura of nostalgia and stirs up memories of growing up in a farm. If you fancy gardening icons, we also have some for you. The set is composed of seedlings, gardening tools, scare crows, and many more. As for our flat farm icons, the collection is made of of organic food, farm animals, agricultural transport, agriculture icons, and farm workers. 

You will truly enjoy downloading and using our icons to brighten up your work!

Farm Field Icons

farm field iconsDownload

Round Farm Icons Set

round farm icons setDownload

Retro Farm Icons

retro farm iconsDownload

Farm Harvesting and Agriculture Icons

farm harvesting and agriculture iconsDownload

Farm Domestic Animal Icons

farm domestic animal iconsDownload

The ABCs of farm icons

After knowing the varieties of farm icons we offer, it is also good to know how to use and value farm icons.

Farm icons are versatile in nature. There are various uses for them not just solely to represent farming. It truly depends on how you use them. Here are some tips to help you in dealing with farm icons:

  • You can integrate them to posters, invitation cards, thank-you cards, etc. They are cute icons that are very perfect for designs.
  • Most of the time, they are used for website designs. For writers and bloggers who right about agriculture, the environment, and anything about the circle of life, farm icons will come in handy.
  • They are also used in applications such as games related to farming and gardening. Kids nowadays and even adults love to play farming-related games in their mobile devices. In this way, farm icons are very useful because they cover other categories of icons such as animal icons.

Indeed, there is more to the farm icons that meets the eye. They are not just full of life but also used in various way. So what are you waiting for? You can start downloading and see for yourself what we’re offering.

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