Collection of 60+ Best Flat UI Icon Designs, Elements & Designer Kits

Flat UI Icon Designs are the most unforgettable thing on the internet. It is evolutionary and revolutionary with its constant new offerings that can blow you away. But most choices regards icon designs are ruled by your personal instincts. They can be used both for your commercial projects or personal endeavors.

Some sets can be used for free while some of the premium ones are payable. They come in varied formats and in scalable sizes which are deemed perfect for apps, demographics and web designs. The best part is there are superb varieties among which users can choose; while some are have bold directive colors, some are seen to have soft dreamy colors which have been created using flat designs.

The distinctive details used on them makes them superbly functional and they include some of the exclusive icons for Google, HTML 5, Twitter, Dribble and others. There are some excellent editable features attached to such designs which make them very desirable.

So, make use of such gorgeous icon sets and choose as your heart wishes, from minimalist designs to over the top gregarious ones, the choices are endless. The top icon designs will form the most indispensible part of your interface and enthrall you with their precision in details.

Flat Icon Designs – Arrows

Flat Design Web UI Kit

Stock Vector Graphic Design Icons

Shopping-e-Commerce Icons

iPhone App Icon Kit 3

Waffle iPhone Icon

Business Icons and Web Icons Set – Flat Icons

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol2

Flat Icon Designs

Shopping-e-Commerce Icon

Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set

Flat Design Icons Set Vol1

iOS App Icons

Flat Icons Design Set

Flat Design Elements

Stock Vector Modern Flat Icons

Fruits Icons Flat

iOS App Icon Kit-2

Life Lister

Flat Stroke Line Icons

Seo Icon Design

Art Icons

Food Flat Icons

iOS 7 App Icon Kit

Osmo App Icon Design

Flat Icons Design

Info Graphic Elements

Stock Vector Icons

Post Service Icons

Ice Blue UI Elements

Car Icon Set

60 Flat Icons Design

Flat Design Elements & Icons Set

Kitchenware Icon Flat Design

Stock Vector Set

Flat Infographic Elements

Dark Mysterious Web Elements

Mac App Icons

Flat Icon Designs

Office icons

Icon Designer

Stock Vector Set of Nature

Realistic iOS App Icons

App Icon Designer Kit

Arrows icons, Flat Ui Design

Stock Vector Icon Set Pictogram

Foodies Icon Set

50 Piece Flat Icon Design Kit – V1

Flat design concept icons 1

Stock Vector Set of Vector Social Media Icons

App Icon Sketches

Battery Icons Flat Design

Sale Flat Icons

Stock Vector Seo and Development Icon

Vector App Icon Design

Flat Sports Icons Set

Dessert Icon Flat Design

60 Web Icons Design

Vector App Icon Design

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