10 Sets of Flower Icons


Nature lovers will appreciate more than most others the different and creative ways that the world of design has allowed nature and technology to intersect. The most obvious place of intersection is in our graphics and interfaces, our backdrops, avatars, and the set of icons we use on our own phones and computers.

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This doesn’t come by default. We have to customize things to add a touch of delight, elegance, beauty, to what is otherwise a utilitarian stretch of digital space. Enter the flower icons to add some flair to your tools and your day.

Abstract Flower Icons

abstract flower icons1Download

Flower and Gardening Icons

flower and gardening iconsDownload

Flower Pot Icons

flower pot iconsDownload

Spring Flower Icons

spring flower icons1Download

Vector Flower Icons

vector flower iconsDownload

Choosing Your Icons

This collection of floral icon sets were specifically chosen for their unique and beautiful effects. They follow all the rules of good design.

A good icon will usually be

  • simple and symbolic, using clean-cut lines and instantly recognizable patterns and
  • color-themed carefully to allow them to be used anywhere, on any background, along with any other combination of color and graphics, and still look good.

You’ll also notice that these digital blooms mostly follow the “flat” design, though there are realistic (“skeuomorphic”) designs as well. This is for a good reason. Flowers / Tree Icons are wonderful in their detail, and to translate that to the digital realm, some of the detail has to be lost in order to follow the rules of good icon design—as well as to not slow down your website’s load time.

If you are running a website with a green thumb, these flora and gardening icons are great ways to bring the garden onto your screen.

Set of Flat Flower Icons

set of flat flower iconsDownload

Flower Bouquet Icons

flower bouquet iconsDownload

Rose Flower Icons

rose flower iconsDownload

Daisy Flower Icons

daisy flower iconsDownload

How to Use These Flower Icons

Perhaps you are updating your site to welcome a new season and would love some spring icons to set the right mood.

Maybe you run a boutique and need elegant, feminine designs for your web products.

Perhaps you just love flowers and everything to do with flowers want to make sure no part of your life goes untouched by their beauty.

Whatever you need them for, we have collected among the best floral icons around that you can download for free or license, while some of them may need some licensing so you could utilize their full features. These sets are available in the standard PSD, EPS, and AI vector formats, as well as in JPEG, to make them easily modifiable in digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Feel free to modify the colors, line art, shading, and sizing to make them work for you. Download more than one set and cultivate an unrivaled online garden?code them into your website, sign off your e-mails with them. Let the expressive quality of flowers inspire you and others in this distracted digital age, a reminder to stop every now and again and appreciate the flowers. You can also see Set of Gardening Icons

Nothing we can create will outdo Mother Nature, but you can use these icons to pay homage to her and add a touch of color, charm, and grace to your online life.


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