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Looking for quality funeral icons? We can help you with that. Usually, the term funeral is directly associated with something that is sad. But that should not be the case. Funerals also connote love for one’s family, new beginnings, and a way to remember and commemorate other people’s legacies.

In line with this, we have an array of funeral icons that you can choose from. They are of great quality and definition. Our set of icons will surely make your day hassle free. Icons are used in various ways. All you need to do is pick the right and suitable icon for you or for the preparations for a particular celebration.

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Vector Funeral Icons

vector funeral iconsDownload

Funeral Line Icons

funeral line iconsDownload

Colorful Funeral Icons

colorful funeral iconsDownload

Funeral Isometric Icons

funeral isometric iconsDownload

Flat Funeral Icons

flat funeral iconsDownload

A Quick Glance on the History of Funerals

By definition, a funeral means a ceremony that involves the burial, cremation, or other modes of showing our deepest respect and gratitude to our dearly departed loved ones. Most of the time, funeral rituals and ceremonies vary from culture to culture. In line with this, let’s take a trip down the realm of funerals to know more about them:

  • According to research, the history of funerals is a history of mankind. It means that birth and death are directly intertwined. Since the beginning of time, funerals already existed. Every culture respects the custom of preparing and caring for their dead.
  • Researchers even found burial grounds of Neanderthal men dating 60,000 BC. They also observed that there are flower fragments next to the grave. We can truly say that even before the advent of human civilization, the custom of giving respect to the dead is already in existence.
  • Little by little, several cultures have created their own rituals and ceremonies in order to formally give way and respect the deceased ones such as in Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions.

These tidbits are just a quick and brief glimpse of the historical essence of funerals. We also have death icons if you’re looking to develop an app or looking to advertise your funeral services. 

Funeral and Burial Icons

funeral and burial iconsDownload

Funeral and Death Icons

funeral and death iconsDownload

Multicolor Funeral Icons Set

multicolor funeral icons setDownload

Funeral Label Icons

funeral labels iconsDownload

Flat Rounded Funeral Icons Set

flat rounded funeral icons setDownload

Purpose of Funeral Icons

Like any other types of icons, funeral icons also come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles. These are some ways our funeral icons could be used:

  • Web design. Our funeral icons are especially made for websites that adopt a Halloween or horror theme. Our funeral icons can help you elevate your designs. Adding these icon to your website’s design elements will increase your website’s popularity (or notoriety) among your following.
  • Flyer designs. If you are into the funeral business, you can use our icons to style up your flyers. In order to avoid projecting an ordinary and boring atmosphere, our funeral icons will improve your designs.
  • Application or software symbols. In this case, you can use them as a symbol or representation of your software or program. For instance, if you are developing a scary program application, our icons will provide you with the means.

These are some of the purposes of funeral icons. Take note that the icons we offer are high-quality, easy to download, and versatile icons. Feel free to check them out and download them. You can also check out more burial icons from our website, which are also of great quality.

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