10+ Set of Heart Icons


Show and express your love to your family, friends, and loved ones using our array of heart icons and vectors. If you’re looking for heart icons, this is the perfect site for you. We see heart icons in most websites, games, applications, and other technological platforms. Hearts are universally accepted as an expression of love, care, and passion

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To save your precious time, you can check out and download our variety of heart icons and vectors. They are a lot of hearts styled in a diversified manner such as broken hearts, outlines, and hearts with arrows. If you’re looking for more set of icons, we also have more designs and templates in store for you.

Vector Heart Icons

vector heart iconsDownload

Love Heart Icons

love heart iconsDownload

Flat Heart Icons

flat heart iconsDownload

Cartoon Heart Icons Set

cartoon heart icons setDownload

A Variety of Heart Icons

The heart, as a shape and design element, is a favorite by most people. It can depict different emotions even a heartbreaks. As you can see, we’ve provided you an array of heart icons that comes in patterns, designs, and sizes. Let’s examine some of them.

  • Cartoon heart icons. You can use them in the course of designing your cartoon-inspired websites and blogs. You can also incorporate them in you gaming applications as an interactive icon or even part of your app UI.
  • Hand drawn heart icons. Our set of hand drawn icons are not just a icons, per se, you can also use them as part of your designs for your letters, brochures, and flyers. In terms of design, they can pull off an elegant and vintage vibe.
  • Broken heart icons. As we all know, broken hearts icons are also relevant. It can represent a wounded heart or a recovering heart. Like the other heart icons, they are perfect for your developing programs and applications. You can use them to express an emotion about heartbreaks and the like.

These are just some of our featured templates. You can also use of heart vectors for editing purposes. Furthermore, we also have love icons which are also of great quality and content. Feel free to check them out.

Hand Drawn Heart Icons

hand drawn heart iconsDownload

Broken Heart Icons Set

broken heart icons setDownload

Free Heart Icons

free heart iconsDownload

Valentine’s Heart Icons

valentine heart iconsDownload

Heart Symbol Icons

heart symbol iconsDownload

Colorful Heart Icons Set

colorful heart icons setDownload

Love, Affection, and Heartbreak: Heart Icons in the Modern Age

Icons are more than just a miniature or small representation of something. They can represent interactive cues that aid users through a design. They also create a visual spark on the end of the users or readers.

Here are some of the uses of icons in the modern age:

  • Create interaction. In every relationship, there is always an interaction. Without it, there is no relationship to speak of. Like relationships, icons create interactions between the program, website or application, and the users. It is an element that drives interactivity.
  • Used for animation purposes. Icons are not just static graphical entities. They are also used in terms of animations such as our cartoon heart icons. An animated and moving icon adds interest in your website.
  • Can be paired with other trendy elements. Like dynamics of love, icons can also be paired with other trendy graphical elements to create a masterpiece. You can think about your content and pair iconography with another trendy element to create a modern aesthetic.

These are just some of the relevance of heart icons. You can also check out round icons on our design pages. If you want to sweep away the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download what we offer.

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