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91+ High Quality Free Vector Icons

Web designs mostly look incomplete without the addition of an appropriate icon pack which in a way enhances the appeal of the pages. High quality free vector icons are available for downloads which come as handy tools for the designers. An exhaustive list of the best High Quality Free Vector Icons is provided here, allowing the designers to select the best preferred option among the topmost choices.

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Credit Card Icon Pack

Most of the top company names are provided herein with vibrant colors thereby allowing better designs and an extended icon collection.

iOS Icon Pack

High end compatibility with any given platform is guaranteed while the extended icon range provides a sleek and corporate look.

8-bit Social Icon Pack

Stay closer to the social networking channels on adding this icon pack into the scheme of things with all the noted options in store.

Social Media Icon Pack

Enhance your social reputation with this all inclusive icon pack providing high end connectivity in the form of specialized icons and associated fonts.

PixelPhilia 32px Icon Set

Get all the priorities at your fingertips with this icon pack providing one-click solutions for the myriad user preferences ranging from diet plans to horror shows!

Premium Pixels Icon Set

Be it the calendar or the text messages, this icon pack provides a classy look to each alongside better background choices.

Social Icons with States

A complete collection of the social networking icons are provided here with additional effects including hovering options or those associated with conventional clicks.

Free Icons Download

This exclusive icon pack covers all the areas associated with designing and provides a holistic package ranging from chat notifications to weather reports.

140 Icons

This package provides an extended collection of 140 icons, associated with every event with sound notifications and varying battery meters being only a few to name.

30 Toolbar Icons for Free

The entire toolbar collection is taken care of with this icon pack, providing an insight into the features using appropriate iconic indications.

350 Free Vector Web Icons

Make room for the entire icon collection associated with a website on using this extended pack with 350 vibrant entities for the designers to use.

Picons Social

No more searching for the Twitter and Facebook icons, as this pack provides a wide range of extremely classy options for a single click login.

Freecns UI Icons

Be it the corporate suggestions or the classy backgrounds, this icon covers all the facets with seamless ease while providing varied designing options.

Free Vector Icons

This icon pack comes around as the best inclusion to the vector graphics as it provides multiple options ranging from simple notifications to intricate imagery.

12px Glyphs Free PSD

An icon package with modified shape layers and an extended list of cutesy entities associated with events, notes, calendars and other chores under consideration.

48 Free 16px Pictograms

An extensive list of the best possible inclusions is herein combined with classy backgrounds and vibrant illustrator options alongside trendy pictograms.

Tinycons Free Preview Pack

This icon pack provides numerous illustrations associated with camera, mail notifications and much more thereby providing better designing tools to the professionals.

Mini Clouds Set PSD

An exclusive icon package with a higher degree of innovation added along in the form of clouds, rainbows and raindrops providing the necessary insights.

Toolbar Icons

Expand the utility of your toolbar with these beautiful icons which can also be extremely efficient at times with multiple indicators and competent organizers.

User Avatar Icons

This icon pack allows the user to choose among funky yet exciting avatars as chat room displays with multiple designing options and varied colors.

Free Tiny Icons

Smaller icons can be both classy and utilitarian as they take up minimum space. This pack provides all of these with special indicators.

Random Icons

The best and highly suggestive options are taken care of by this exclusive package which features mail notifications, cloud storage and other illustrations.


This icon package redefines the social networking quotient with beautiful yet trendy sets mostly meant for a designer who would like to.


An extended tally of 74 icons makes this package an instant hit among the designers while being extremely inclined towards varied social networking options.

Delight Icons

Simple and sleek are the adjectives used for this icon pack which provides a seamless approach to designing followed by highly important inclusions.

Free Icon Set

This pack comes with an all inclusive collection of alluring icons with featured options ranging from message notifications to those managing the playlist.

Freshy Icons

This icon set comprises of 99 handcrafted designs with an exciting styling range followed by certain utilitarian aspects which are well covered including playlist control.


An icon set which effectively makes way for cleaner options meant for perfect designing by getting rid of the jagged edges while keeping the sweetness intact.

Android Default Icons 4+

This icon set has been created especially for the newest android platforms while keeping the designs extremely user friendly along with complete scalability.

These icons have been lovingly designed on keeping the myriad user requirements in mind. Best features include 300+ selections and simpler designs.

Loop Icons

An extended list of 100 icons is included which are extremely pixel perfect and are designed with resizable features included.

Application Icon Set

Multiple sizes are available with pixel perfect designs at the disposal of the designers, which are scalable to any given proportion.

Crisp Icon Set

A set of 108 pixel perfect options is included while the icons are completely resizable and the aspect ratio for each can be well modulated.

Assorted Pixel Perfect

An icon set which comprises of 140 pixel perfect options followed by an extensive collection of lines, graphs, arrows and emoticons.


100 editable icons are included alongside certain resizable features in this pack which can be used both for personal and commercial designing.


A collection which is extremely classy and with a darker background included provides 50 icons to the designers, thereby covering every utilitarian facet seamlessly.

16px Broccoli Dry Icons

Both monochrome and colored options are available with this icon pack which sports an extensive range of 100+ entities of pronounced importance.

Pixel UI Icon Set

This icon set comes with specialized entities which are highly customized and completely hand drawn alongside the feature of scalability.

Micro Icon Set

This icon set includes a Photoshop PSD followed by an exceptional collection of usable icons which are pixel perfect and can be scaled to any given proportion.

Ligature Symbols

Specialized ligature features are included with each icon of this set alongside an exceptional range of 30+ common logos covering all the needed arenas.

Foundation Icon Fonts

In comes a web based icon package which makes the backbone of any site with an exceptional range of multicolored and scalable icons.

Font Awesome

The icons included with this package are specially designed for web bootstraps and are thus completely pixel perfect with better scalable options.


A complete range of 88 vector icons are provided by this pack which can be teamed up with any given character for better usage.


While multiple icon webfonts can be effectively combined using this icon package, scalable options and an embedded font set are also included.

Modern UI Icons

An exclusive metro collection which sports an exciting range of usable icons comprising of handcrafted flats and varied expression designs.

Metro UI Dock Icon Set

600+ icons are included in this pack with colored and completely scalable entities at the disposal of the user followed by pixel perfect designs.


This icon set is extremely compatible with the Windows 8 version alongside multicolored versions of 100+ utilitarian entities with pixel perfect additions.

Social Retina Icon Pack

This icon pack is specially created keeping in mind the retina and mobile requirements followed by several colored options spanning across multiple platforms.

Social Media Glyph Set

30 extremely format packed icons are included which are scalable and comprise of all the social networking options for enhanced usability.

Vector Social Media Icons

Beautiful icon collections are provided with this pack followed by social media options and entities associated with blog and video sharing.

An extensive set of 69 pixel perfect icons are included which can be scaled to any given proportion for suiting myriad user requirements.

Baby Pack 1

Get the rejuvenated feel with these cutesy icons which are extremely useful and look great when teamed up with efficient vector graphics.

Baby Pack 2

Another development which concerns icons inspired by toddlers while including pixel perfect and scalable options into the scheme of things!

Arrows Pack

200 icons are included with this pack which provides multiple options associated with navigation and directional attributes alongside seamless scalability.

Body Parts

These are specialized icons which are inspired by live silhouettes and can be scaled to any given proportion while covering all the associated arenas.


This comes in as a small pack with 34 icons in store with high end usability and pixel perfect designs followed by darker undertones.

Bushcraft Stroke

This pack has most of the same features like its namesake but with lighter undertones making it an appropriate choice with the darker pages.


Welcome the million smiles with this icon pack having a themed collection of entities followed by the 140+ multicolored options.


This icon pack is typically inspired by the magnificent festival and all the 130 icons are specially designed keeping in mind the entities and themes involved.

Simple yet utilitarian icons are present which in a way make for seamless viewing and innovative designs followed by all the necessary gestures.

Computer Icons

Sleek and extremely usable icons are included which are mostly inspired by the innovative gadgets and computerized fonts enabling better designs.


This specialized icon pack is inspired by the watermarks of countries which in a way make for exciting web pages and specialized designs.

This icon pack involves 112 icons which are extremely efficient in providing the user with weather information and related insights.

Cute Icons

A comparatively smaller set with alluring emoticons in store while the icons involved can be scaled according to the page requirements.


Data based calculations and indications are offered by this extensive icons set involving pixel perfect designs and cross browser compatibility.

Do It Yourself

This icon set adds a lot to the device

Do It Yourself Filled

This icon pack provides the necessary options associated with constructional attributes alongside filled in icons for better visibility when added to the lighter pages.

Closing in on 100 icons this set covers all the important facets involving message and mail notifications alongside camera and location settings.


This icon set is greatly inspired by the ecological elements including trees and leaves with pixel perfect designs and certain scalable features.


With over 190 icons, this pack provides all the necessary indications pertaining to academic channels with seamless designing options involved.

Best social networking fonts and icons are included with darker undertones as a classy alternative followed by exciting shapes and designs.

Facebook Pack

This extended icon set is purely dedicated to Facebook, with all the possible indications and icons ranging from like buttons to friend requests.

This icon set comprises of filled in fonts and emoticons which cover up all the facets ranging from message notifications to toolbar settings.

File Formats Text

An extended icon set which provides all the necessary indications associated with daily finances including dollar shaped icons which are resizable.

Finances and Trade

High end innovation is guaranteed with this icon set which features an impressive collection of emoticons followed by exceptional designs.


This exquisite icon collection redefines the floral prints with exceptionally designed features and pixel perfect options for the professionals to use.


200 icons are included which are extremely pixel perfect and can be resized to varying proportions with footprint inspired designs.


Filled in icons are present which cover up all the basic indications associated with social networking channels alongside certain scalable options.

This icon set provides noted selections associated with filled in entities that can be resized accordingly while making use of the innovative designs in store.

This icon set follows the conventional rule book while providing simple yet subtle icons to the designers thus facilitating better website creations.

A set of 100 icons inspired by gift packs and boxes can be looked at which are pixel perfect and can be resized based on the myriad page requirements.


An exceptional icon set which is completely inspired by the workout regimes and includes all the possible exercises as icons and pixilated emoticons.


This icon set is inspired by the Halloween which in turn includes multiple facets associated with animals and moon shapes for managing applications well.


This set comprises of 91 beautiful icons including flowcharts and associated graphs which make room for volume adjustments and download controls.

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