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It is no news that technology has been progressing quite rapidly, bestowing upon us untold benefits the world has not before enjoyed. In fact, it’s easy to take it for granted, and so much of this world is still quite new to us. For instance, what comes to mind when you hear the words “material design”? This may seem an unheard-of concept, but in fact it refers to something you see everyday. Material design are are those interactive digital images you see on cellphones, tablets, computers, and other digital interfaces.

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Such designs make liberalized use of layouts, animations, padding, transitions and effects, such as shadows and lighting. If you are looking for amazing set of icons, you are on the right path.

App Material Design Icons

app material design iconsDownload

Finance Material Design Icons

finance material design iconsDownload

Free Material Design Icons

free material design iconsDownload

Flat Material Design Icons

flat material design iconsDownload

Stay Ahead Using Material Design Icons

Material design icons, which are a type of vector icons, have been part of a great technology advancement. In fact, Material Design (a.k.a. Quantum Paper) was a design language created by Google designers in 2014 to create responsive interfaces. Web designers the world over are following in their footsteps for these reasons:

  • Material design icons pass that critical Web design test: they are simple, modern (with technology’s advancement), user friendly and have the potential to be “out of the ordinary” while remaining intelligible, which is something every Web artist wants.
  • A material design icon is a universal concept used in UI. Plus, it is created following design guidelines for universal vectors that as a principle use minimalist techniques.
  • It is relevant in today’s Web culture since it was created to ensure clarity, readability, mobility, and flexibility. The icons are clear whether they’re upscaled or tiny. When displayed in common platforms, their resolutions don’t suffer, because they are optimized beautifully for such purposes.

Google developed this language design to allow people to enjoy technology in a different way. Aside from material designs, graphics is another of the advancements that branched out to different vectors and textures.

Weather Material Design Icons

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Internet Material Design Icons

internet material design iconsDownload

Color Material Design Icons

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System Material Design Icons

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Education Material Design Icons

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Principles and Merits of Material Design

Every technological invention was carefully contrived for the purpose of satisfying netizens around the world. Material design has its own principles and merits. Below are some of them we need to know:


  • Material designs follow specific elements for its foundation: (1)  print-based design such as typography—which is the process of arranging data for the purpose of printing it; (2) visual guide treatments such as grids, scale, color, space, and other imagery. These things are very helpful in conveying amusement to the eyes.
  • A metaphor is also observed in a material design. Space and system of motion are rationalized through a unifying theory that technology provides a tactile reality and is open to magic and wild imaginations. Speaking of wild imaginations, flat icons set and vector icons are also a good example of “magical realism” portrayal of designs.


  • Material designs are sleek and simplified, creating an efficient and effective output. It also conveys an illusion of grounded reality.
  • The fundamental techniques provide a virtual “feel” of the icons.
  • Motions such as animation, which is one of the key component of material design, functions to attain and maintain continuity to serve focus.

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