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Icons are a representation that sentiments its object by giving resemblance and correlation to it. It is something that symbolizes a definite commodity. Icons originated way back in the years 1565–1575. Nowadays, it is one of the necessary tools in showing a representation of a brand or a symbol used to represent something, as what you see in all websites and on any devices.

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On our website, you can see a variety of the best menu icons in the web. This is ideal for people who’s looking for an upbeat design or for a new icon for their brand or depending on how they will make use of it. These are free icons that you can easily download, modify to suit your needs, and apply to your personal or business venture.

Android Menu Icons

android menu iconsDownload

Food Menu Icons

food menu iconsDownload

Game Menu Icons

game menu iconsDownload

Restaurant Menu Icons

restaurant menu iconsDownload

Website Menu Navigation Icons

website menu navigation iconsDownload

Vector Menu Icons

vector menu iconsDownload

Are They Necessary?

Since we are talking about menu icons, one of the best examples is simply on your device. Whether a mobile phone, laptop, or PC, icons are present in them. It is so helpful in a sense that it will not consume much of your time if you’re looking for something.

If you want to compose a message, you look for the envelope icon on your phone or device, and you will know instantly what that icon means and what it does as compared to when your apps are only listed. Icons are a big help, especially for those elderly people who have a hard time reading words. Icons make our lives easier.

Not just on any devices, icons also play an important role to restaurant owners and costumers. As a food lovers, we often find restaurant menus without icons irksome. Giving out plain and boring menus to consumers will make them think twice and might give a negative impression to your restaurant.

Our website also offers a host of more specific icon sets, like 3D icons and party icons to suit your other ventures’ needs.

Flat Menu Icons

flat menu iconsDownload

Website Menu Icons

website menu iconsDownload

Minimalist Menu Icons

minimalist menu iconsDownload

Computer Menu Icons

computer menu iconsDownload

Glossy Menu Icons

glossy menu iconsDownload

To bring your restaurant menu to a whole new level, make use of icons, and see the set of restaurant icons our website has to offer.

What We Offer

Now, for those who are looking for best menu icons out there, be it for a restaurant, mobile application, website menu icons, etc., our website offers you to take advantage and make use of the 9 best menu icons we collated from all over the web for you.

Looking out for good-quality icons, something that will stick out above the rest, may take a little time and effort. These icon sets are all in a good high-quality resolutions, and every detail is clearly patterned out. Plus, the sets come in PNG and JPEG formats, so you can ensure a good-quality image when you see one. You can download them anytime, anywhere. Just connect yourself to the Internet, and you are ready to go.

Apart from its typical usage, these sets have a wide variety of other applications too. You could use these sets as your device’s background image, a new room wallpaper, a table cloth design, and a lot more. We hope that with the sets we offer here, you are able to find the best one for whatever endeavor you have. Go ahead and indulge.

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