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Icons are small graphical representations of programs or files that, when clicked on, will be run or opened. An icon is also a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. A sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it. It is used most commonly in a business industry where a certain product or company is being represented by an icon.

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We’ve gathered and created a list of 9 phone icons that everybody can make use of, ideal for those who are looking for awesome icon designs. You can make use of these icons in so many ways too. So take a look at them below.

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Mobile Phone Icons

mobile phone icons Download

Cell Phone Icons

cell phone icons Download

Black Phone Icons

black phone icons Download

Phone Vector Icon

phone vector icon Download

Office Phone Icons

office phone icon Download

Your Handy Companion

Let us also get to know more about our little everyday companion. A telephone, or phone, is a telecommunications device that permits two or more users to manage a conversation when they are too far apart to be heard directly. A phone converts sound, usually and most conveniently the human voice, into electronic signals suitable for transmittal via cables or other transmission media over long distances and replays such signals simultaneously in sounding form to its user.

The fundamental elements of a telephone are a microphone to speak into an earphone in which it reproduces the voice in a distant location. In addition, most phones consist of a ringer, which produces a sound to announce an incoming phone call, and a keypad used to input a phone number when starting a call to another user.

Why Phones Are Necessary

For an instance, if there is a car accident or any form of accident, a cell phone could be a lifesaving device. If in case you are an international businessman or student, a phone is a convenient and economical way to keep in touch with people from your home country. If you are a type of person who often have offsite meetings or always travel for work, your phone allows you to inform clients that you will be running a little late or behind schedule.

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Old Phone Icon

old phone icon Download

Phone Call Icons

phone call icons Download

Phone Outline Icons

phone outline icons Download

Phone Flat Icons

flat phone icons Download

Free Phone Icons

free phone icons Download

Life-Changing Invention

Alexander Graham Bell was the first to invent the telephone 1876 as an apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds. Bell has always been credited as the inventor of the first practical phone. Johann Philipp Reis in Germany was a leading phone pioneer who stopped only just short of a successful device and Antonio Meucci, an Italian-American inventor and businessman, has been recognized for his contributory work on the telephone or phone.

It was a proof that something had to be created to make communication easier and faster. That is where the telephone comes in. It was actually considered as the best invention of the 19th century. Not only has it made communicating with other people who are very far apart much quicker, it also generated the growth of numerous businesses since it has made communication more convenient.

So if you are looking for a unique variety of icons, no need to look anywhere else. Our phone icons are must-have downloads. They come in an array of designs and colors that are cool and awesome. So what are you waiting for? Check out more Free Icons from our website if you couldn’t find what you were looking for here.

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