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9+ Round Icons

It is important for a business to have a good icon. For some, just seeing an icon instantly reminds us of a brand or a product. When the icon you use for your business generates instant recall from the customers, it could be used as an effective marketing tool. For instance, the icons for Facebook or Coca-Cola have been stuck in our minds due to its creativity and simplicity.

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Many companies have adopted the use of round icons to represent their product. They are simple and easily recognizable, making them a popular choice for icon design. They are not as complex as Abstract Art Icons, but they can equally do a good job in representing a brand.

Round Facebook Icon


Round Instagram Icon


Round Arrow Icons


Glossy Round Icon


Social Media Round Icons


Round Icon Features

When choosing an icon for your business, you may consider using a round icon. A number of companies have used them as App Icons such as Facebook and Twitter. Google has even changed to round icons last year for its Pixel launcher. The circle-shaped icon is used by more and more brands these past years. If you are not convinced yet, here are some other reasons why you should use the round icon:

  • The circle is an eye-pleasing shape. The completeness of shape that a circle offers instantly makes it a good sight for your eyes. This is especially useful when you want to engage more closely with your customers.
  • It can be easily converted. You can imagine the circle as the foundation in which you can build great things. Because the icon is round and flat, it can be easily converted into whatever you put your mind into.
  • It is easy to customize. The circle icon can be used in templates and themes. Most of these icons also come in various formats so it should be easy to access and customize them.
  • All the big companies are using it. Facebook, Twitter, Google—you name it—all the big companies are doing round versions of their icons.

Twitter Round Icon


Round Folder Icons


Round Android Icons


Round Business Icons


Round Desktop Icon


When to Use a Round Icon

Geometrically pleasing shapes are always the way to go when you are creating an icon. The round icon is often the first choice as it provides many benefits to its users.  It is simple and easy to remember but at the same time effectively promotes brand recognition. You can put the round icon to great use when it is used in these instances.

  • Mobile interaction. A circular icon would be great to use in mobile phones as they are easy to tap on. The round shape emulates the shape of the fingers so it is much easier to interact with.
  • Focus. When you want to focus on one particular thing on the icon, it is often recommended that you use a round icon. A square design often distributes the focus of the eye on other parts of the icon.
  • Social media. As stated, the giants of social media have embraced the circular icon movement, and so it is suggested that when you are one, you need to get on the band wagon also.

The round icon is one of the most preferred icon shape for most companies because of the many benefits it offers. Any company can make great use of the round icon. An airline company, for example, can use Airplane Icons and enclose it in a circle to make one.

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