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Having a hard time looking for safety icons? You’re on the right page. Thank your lucky stars. One of the fundamental and indispensable concept in our world today is the term safety. If this word does exist or is not observed in any transaction, dealing, activity, and the like, it can brought about harmful and detrimental effects.

In order to represent various safety-related processes, methodologies, and signs, we have here an array of safety icons for you. They are well designed and of high quality and definition. Start scrolling down and see for yourself that our icons that will surely level-up your designs. Aside from that, we also have Construction Equipment Icons, which are also of great shape and quality. Feel free to check out more icons and designs on Template.net’s design archives and enjoy!

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Safety Helmet Icon

safety helmet icon Download

Food Safety Icon

food safety icon1 Download

Fire Safety Icon

fire safety icon Download

Drug Safety Icon

drug safety icon Download

Family Safety Icon

family safety icon Download

Different Types of Safety Icons

As what you can see from our templates, we cater to various areas that requires safety and precautionary measures. Let’s examine some of them:

  • Food Safety Icons. These are very critical and crucial icons. Food and water are essential to the survival, growth, and development of our body. But there are precautionary measures to be taken into account in order to avoid food poisoning and other related health problems brought about by unsanitary food preparation and processing.
  • Road Safety Icons. They are indispensable icons because most accidents are brought about by road related problems and issues. Road safety icons can help spread important road signals and signs for the public to be aware of and remember all the time.
  • Environmental Safety Icons. We all know that we only have one environment to live in. We should ensure that we are not doing activities to the expense of our environment. The planetary welfare must be taken into account.

These are just some of our featured safety icons. If you want to achieve and capture the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download them. If you’re interested with Medical Icons, we also have some icons for you to use.

Road Safety Icon

road safety icon Download

Safety Gloves Icon

safety gloves icon Download

Environmental Safety Icon

environmental safety icon Download

Work Safety Icon

work safety icon Download

Free Vector Safety Icon

free vector safety icon Download

Relevance of Safety Icons

Safety signs and labels are not just important to the individual but to the society as a whole. In line with this, here are some of its relevant aspects:

  • Risk reduction and management. The use of safety icons is part and parcel of the bigger risk reduction and management processes. For instance in a certain website, safety icons are used to represent certain safety programs and policies in order to minimize and manage the risks in a certain institution.
  • Accident prevention. For instance, road safety icons are used for web applications in order for drivers to get acquainted with salient and important road signs and signals not just for their benefit but also with the society as a whole.
  • Risk specific relevance. This refers to the use of such icons in diversified industries such as in terms of commercial, residential, educational, industrial, and many more. It is more advisable to use such icons because of the color scheme and design used that can directly catch the attention of users.

These are just some of the relevance of safety icons in the world stage. Aside from them, we also have Free Vector Icons that are also of great quality and definition.


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