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Small yet useful in so many ways, never underestimate what an icon can do. It has a huge impact to every human. Icons are small pictorial symbols used in a graphical user interface (GUI) or in web documents to help identify a file, folder, program, or devices such as a laptop, computer, modem, printer, and so much more. By clicking on an icon with a pointing device to start an operation, it will be activated. This is the type of icon we are focusing.

We know how icons can also aid when it comes to business. For those who are looking for icons or set of icons pack with salon designs, then this page is perfectly tailored for you. Take a look at our awesome designs below.

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Vector Hair Salon Icons

vector hair salon icons Download

Beauty and Hair Salon Icons

beauty and hair salon icons Download

Flat Hair Salon Icons Set

flat hair salon icons set Download

Hair Salon Tools Icons

hair salon tools icons Download

A beauty salon or parlor is an establishment dealing with beautifying treatments for men and women. There are other salons that deal with hair and spas. There is a characteristic between a beauty salon and a hair salon, and although numerous small businesses do provide both sets of treatments, beauty salons provide more services related to skin health, facial treatment, foot care, nail manicures, oxygen therapy, and many other services.

Over the Course of Time

It was after 1800s that the changeover of barbershops to salons happened all over the world, even though women were still styling their hair by their helpers. Salons began promoting in a big way to capture women out of their homes. Entrepreneur Martha Matilda opened her first public salon called The Harper Hair Parlor. The recliner chair was also invented by her; however, she never monopolized her own invention. She began training schools and employed the girls in her salon.

The forties generation was about hairspray, relaxers, and other styling materials. Beauty salons became the go-to place for women to get away from their humdrum life, get pampered, and entertain in gossip. The word salon formally took over the beauty parlor. Soon, women and men started going to salons frequently, thus the unisex salon was born.

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Barber Shop and Salon Icons

barber shop and salon icon Download

Salon Decorative Icons Set

salon decorative icons set Download

Salon Spa Icons Set

salon spa icons set Download

Hairdresser Icons Set

hairdresser icons set Download

Continuous Evolution

Today, there are salons who offer massage for the body and other body and beauty treatment. Hair removal is offered at some beauty salons too through waxing and threading. Some beauty salons style hair too so that there is no need for a customer to go a separate salon for hair styling. Specialized beauty salons, known as nail salons, offer treatments such as manicures and pedicures.

Download Them Now!

No matter where we are, beauty salons are almost everywhere. That simply goes to show that more and more people are into self-beautification and enhancement. In relation to this, we’ve gathered these 7 salon and beauty spa icons.

Each icon is designed perfectly with stunning, vibrant color—perfect for your beauty salon business. If you are also looking for new wallpaper for your salon, then these are a great deal. These designs are also created by our amazing designers. Also, each comes as high-resolution samples, as you notice every image is well patterned. So go ahead and pick one that you like the most, and if you like all these packs, then there’s no stopping you to download all of them.

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