9+ Settings Icons


Icons are also considered as a method of communication. They convey certain messages and codes to the users and readers. They make a website interactive. A good example of an icon that communicates a clear and consistent message is the settings icon.

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In most websites and computer programs, settings icon is evident. Setting icons are evidently represented by cogs or a gear. By clicking on it, it provides you with various options that you can select to adjust the dynamic of your website or program. In line with this, we have here 9+ Settings icons that are of high quality. In addition to this, you can also check out our app icons for more. Feel free to review and download them.

Settings Vector Icon

settings icon vector


White Settings Icon

white settings iconDownload

Android Settings Icon

android settings iconDownload

Flat Settings Icon

flat settings iconDownload

Settings Icon Vector

settings icon vector3Download


An Array of Settings Icon

In terms of uses, a settings icon enable the user to customize, change, or modify a certain function of element of a website or computer program. Without it, the user will be stock with the program or website’s default dynamics. In terms of design, most setting icons look the same. The variation lies on its interface and other design aspects. Here are some of our featured designs that you may review and check out:

  • Settings app icon. If you’re looking for a setting icon template with a strong and bold outlook, then this design is perfect for you. Your users will not have a hard time recognizing your icon because of its clear quality and design.
  • White settings icons. If you’re designing a website or program that adopts a dark and strong color scheme, you can make use of our white settings icon. Its calm and subtle look can create a balance in your color scheme.

Indeed, settings icon comes in various color schemes and design. Programmers, graphic artists, and other persons who deals with technologies and designs will surely appreciate the provided set of icons. For more specific icon sample templates, we also have desktop icons, if ever you’re interested.

Settings Icon PNG

settings icon pngDownload

Transparent Settings Icon

transparent settings iconDownload

iPhone Settings Icon

iphone settings iconDownload

Settings App Icon

settings app iconDownload

Settings Gear Icon

settings gear iconDownload

How to Effectively Position and Use Icons

We encounter icons almost every time we access our gadgets, websites, and other computer programs. We are also knowledgeable that some icons just don’t get our attention or worse are so hard to access or find. In line with this, here are some ways that you can use to position and use your icons effectively:

  • Conduct research about current trends pertaining icons. Research can help you feel the mood of the users. If you what is trending and what is obsolete, you can make sound decisions in designing or positioning your icons.
  • Size matters. If you think the icon adopts a crucial function, you need to emphasize it more. With this, you can make necessary adjustments regarding its size. Aside from this, take note of the consistency in choosing a size for your icons and balance them out with your priorities.
  • Use universal icons. There are various types of icons. However, it is advisable that you adopt the universal ones which adopts a common message. For instance, avoid using abstract icons to function as a setting icon.

These are some tips that you may consider in dealing with icons. For more icon design templates, we also have security icons which are also of great quality and content.

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