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Nowadays, people love to share internet links, images, applications, and program to their friends online. For some, the act of sharing is considered as a marketing venture. For instance, sharing abstract art icons have become a trend among aspiring graphic artists.  In the light of all of these, it is undeniable that share icons are one of the mostly used icons in any online platform.

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If you’re planning to style up and improvise the properties of you share icons, we have a collection of design templates for you. By using our templates, you can enable users around the world to share and impart valuable and entertaining content to others and at the same time strengthen relationships.

Share Button Icons

share button iconsDownload

Social Media Share Icons

social media share iconsDownload

Share Icons in PNG

share icons pngDownload

Facebook Share Icons

facebook share icons1Download

Why Do People Love to Use Share Icons?

There are a number of reasons why most of us constantly use the share icon buttons. It could be due to personal or business reasons. Here are some reasons why share icons are popularly used based on research:

  • To feel more involved in the world. According to a research conducted by New York Times, most individuals feel self-fulfillment if they are able to share something inspirational, useful or or anything valuable in the internet.
  • To establish networks and relationships. Currently, most businesses establish social media accounts to effectively promote their products and services via online sharing. With this, they become closer to their target markets.

Share Icon Design Templates for All Platforms

As you may observed, we have a variety of share icon buttons for you especially for social media networks and android applications. Like toolbar icons  which play a key role in most programs and websites, share icons are very relevant in terms of social networking and app promotion and use.

If you’re looking for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media network share icon buttons, you can surely rely on our templates. The color schemes are well-designed and of good quality.

Twitter Share Icons

twitter share iconsDownload

Android Share Icons

android share icons1


Share Icons Vector

share icons vectorDownload

How to Effectively Design Share Icon Buttons

By definition, a share icon is considered as a user interface icon that interacts with the user. It enables the users to execute and share images, links, and etc.

Because share icons are mostly positioned and used hand in hand with Social Media Icons , it is very challenging on the web developers and graphic artists’ end to come up contents that are worth sharing. Aside from that, they should consider the design of their share icons especially if they are easy to recognize and see. Here are some tips that you may use.

  • Position them properly. The location of your share icon button is very critical. You have to place it in a prominent place where it is easy to see on the end of the users without exerting extra-effort just to locate it.
  • Describe and label them appropriately. Upon perfecting the location of your share icon, it would still not suffice if you don’t describe and label them accordingly. You can add call to actions such as “Share” ,”Let’s connect”, and many more.
  • Use an appropriate size. Use a share icon button with  an average size, neither too small nor too big.

These are some tips that you may consider to make your share icons work in an effective manner.

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